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Is MTN Leaving Nigeria? After moving $12bn out of Nigeria!

    Recession is currently affecting MTN Nigeria, maybe, the residing government is in one way or the other affecting MTN and it is rumored that they have moved over $12bn out of Nigeria.

    MTN did not only move $12bn out of Nigeria, on October 1st, they also went ahead to sack more than half of their workers, news says “sacks hundreds in Nigeria without benefits” and not only that. It was rumored that, they cut down the salary of workers from N150k to N40k!

    Rumors also has it that, the distance is too far for workers. And the wicked part is that, one cannot leave them and resign from the work like that unless, you have something in mind to do, the country is not encouraging the economy.

    Meanwhile, the sacked staffs said they were not properly about their dismissal and that the company failed to respect their contractual agreements.

    They said MTN had informed them of a plan to outsource staff, but since it was not the first time that would happen, they took the information casually.

    That’s why, I keep asking, Is MTN Leaving Nigeria?

    According to the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who is popularly known as Senator Dino Melaye, came on Thursday to announced that the biggest telecommunication giants in Nigeria, MTN, has been involved in gross money laundering.

    “We are in a precarious situation and now is the time to recover every stolen money in the country,” he said

    Not only that, Senator Melaye revealed that, “between 2006 and 2016, the MTN Nigeria, in collaboration with 4 commercial banks and with the help of a serving Minister, has moved over $12bn out of this country”.

    Lets wait and watch, stay alerted! Any further news, we will definitely update you!