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How to Borrow MTN Data Bundle with MTN XtraBytes!

    It is official and true, yes, you can now borrow Data Bundle, you can inform MTN to lend you Data Bundle Plan which valid as your Normal Data Validity date. BUT WHY?

    But why should you borrow MTN Data Plan when we now have a lot of Cheap Data Bundle Plan starting Glo, Airtel, MTN and off course Etisalat! Meanwhile, if you are using Mtn, they have a lot of cheap data for Android Smartphones, iPhones, iPad, Laptops, Windows and the rest.

    Although, they meant be some reason, whu you would love to borrow Data from MTN. The reasons are either genuine or for lust! You can borrow Data from MTN, *when you currently have no money* or you can borrow data from MTN *when you want to throw away the sim*

    borrow mtn data

    We are Nigerians and we will always be Nigerians. Maybe, looking at it, Mtn really noticed the lost in their customers. And maybe, Mtn didn’t lost in Xtratime plan, where you will borrow Airtime and most time, you never pay back!

    If you want to borrow Airtime or Data from MTN Nigeria, you must first be active. Always Note that MTN XtraBytes allows you to borrow data and pay later on your next recharge. There are some few necessary things, you really need to know before borrowing from MTN.

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    Eligibility; To check if you are eligible for the service, dial *606#. N/B: This code will help you to check your eligibility status.

    Can I borrow MTN data many times?
    Many Nigerians loves this feature to be true but unfortunately, you CANNOT borrow Data or Airtime multiple times. It is just once and after you pay for that, you will be allowed to borrow another.

    Can I transfer MTN Data?
    The answer to this question is simple and short. NO! You CAN’T transfer the data you borrowed to another MTN line.

    Can I borrow MTN Data even after not paying for the borrowed Airtime?
    Well, the answer is Yes. You CAN borrow data from MTN, even though you are yet to pay back your loaned Airtime from MTN.

    mtn xtrabytes

    How Many MTN Data Can I Borrow?
    Yes, you can borrow as many data as you want. But the minimum is 750mb. You can borrow 10MB, 30MB, 100MB, 200MB, and 750MB.

    How can I Check my Mtn XtraBytes Data?
    All you need is to dial *606#. This code will help you to check your xtrabytes data balance.

    Will MTN Charge Us?
    Yes! If they can charge us from borrowing Airtime then talk less of their Data! Well, MTN will charge you 10% extra un-top of the data you are borrowing, just like the Mtn Xtratime.

    Others Includes: Please be very informed that MTN will deduct the equivalent of the amount you borrowed via airtime the moment your recharge your phone. And as already said above and aforementioned, the data you borrowed has the same expiry date as your normal data bundle.

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    But the question keeps moving around the globe? Why Would Someone borrow Data from MTN Nigeria? Although, there are many important and essential reasons why someone might borrow data from Mtn.

    You can borrow Data from MTN when you don’t have the cash at hand, or you can borrow to buy Mb from your Internet Banking! Hello! Happy Weekend All!