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“My greatest mistake is losing to Android” Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates

    “My greatest mistake is losing to Android” Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates expressed his disappointment while speaking at an event hosted by early-stage venture capital firm Village Global.

    Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates acknowledged this overwhelming facts during the event. The 63-year-old executive surprised everyone with his statement.

    We quoted a very important underlined statement, “Microsoft is still a very strong entity, it would be the leading company instead of a leading company if it had managed to recognize and take on the Android from the start.

    Actually, the most surprising part of its all, is that Gates didn’t blame Steve Ballmer as the failure behind the project.

    Whereas, a lot of people had believed that it was during Steve Ballmer era, that contributed largely to the failures in the mobile platform market.

    We could all recall the awful moment on Youtube, where Ballmer laughed at the iPhone, calling it the “most expensive phone in the world and it doesn’t appeal to business customers because it doesn’t have a keyboard.” “Windows are selling millions of phones, while 0 iPhones in year”

    However, Bill Gates did underline the success of products such as Windows and Office that have helped Microsoft reach new levels over time.

    However, he expressed that due to the lack of bringing a platform like Android and missing the opportunity of powering an operating system against Apple’s iOS, Microsoft is still “a leading company” not “the leading company.

    Google acquired Android back in 2005 for $50 million, but right now, Android killed Windows Mobile and Windows Phone off, and became the Windows equivalent in the mobile world.

    During the purchase, former CEO Eric Schmidt admitted that Google’s initial focus was beating Microsoft’s early Windows Mobile efforts. “At the time we were very concerned that Microsoft’s mobile strategy would be successful,” said Schmidt during a 2012 legal fight with Oracle about Java.

    However, in 2015, Ballmer even insisted that Windows Phone need to have Android app compatibility in an effort to catch up. In 2017, Microsoft announced the formal closure of its latest Windows Phone version, which was then Windows 10 Mobile, majorly due to growth of Android that overshadowed the Windows platform.

    Source: Gadgets Ndtv | TheVerge