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Netflix is Now in Nigeria – Watch Netflix Now in Nigeria Chill!

    Netflix is now in Nigeria. Netflix is currently an American video-on-demand platform. You can sign up with your Nigerian Naira card and get the first month viewing free.

    But Nigerian has to know that Netflix has been launched in 130 different countries even including Nigeria but no matter what, we still welcome them.


    Do you know what’s a No1 streaming service for movies, films and TV shows in the whole wide world? It’s Netflix! Visit them HERE and start watching/streaming your videos.

    There has been lots of updates which says that NetFlix is now available in Nigeria and some African countries. Recently, buzz created via hashtags on social media, about Netflix accepting several countries and approving them.

    netflix nigeria

    You might have heard about NetFlix but do you know what is it all about? In a sentence, Netflix is one of the world’s most popular online streaming service, a platform which is surely created to allows users streams Movies, Tv shows and Documentaries on the internet.

    Netflix are not the same with Youtube, Netflix can only be available and open to those, who pays a monthly subscription. The monthly subscription is really low, which is ONLY $8, that is about N3,000.