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Watch Netflix on your iPad while using other apps

    Remember back then when Netflix got into Nigeria. Today, you can now watch the Netflix streaming videos on your iPad while using other apps. Just get the Netflix going then you can open whatever app you feel like using at that particular Time.

    Although iOS 10 is here but the iOS 9 has done something worth remembering. You can do this but it is all about time. Apple iOS has been able to play picture-in-picture (PiP) since the release of iOS 9 last year, but Netflix is finally catching up to others.

    It is just like watching video on Video Player and then you start visiting other application to do something else like Whatsapp and the rest. You don’t have to perform any separate technique to get this working on your iOS phone, all you have to do is to:

    netflix on ipad

    Simply open up a video on Netflix, tap the PiP button, then go ahead and open whatever other app you feel like using. It will be useful if you like doing work while having something playing in the background, or want to look up a quick fact without interrupting your binge-session.

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    With this latest Netflix update, we are expecting YouTube videos to follow up. So before few months away from today, we will love YouTube to supports a PiP mode within and outside the app, and hope it is working especially when you slide through the app.

    To get this latest Netflix update, you are required to download the updated Netflix app from the App Store now. And then try to Keep in mind you’ll need to run iOS 9.3.2 or iOS 10 to get it down. Meanwhile, we don’t have any news concerning the update working on iPhones.