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Netflix screen lock feature allows you to lock your screen on Android app

    Netflix introduces a new feature to its Android app, it is the “Screen Lock” button, that prevents accidental pauses. It is quite frustrating when you are watching your favorite series, and it pauses because of touching the screen.

    The movie streaming service, Netflix has recently introduced a series of features to keep its users busy and for easy usage. While the pandemic COVID-19 results to most of these features, like adding new users and improved parental control.

    However, with the new feature, Netflix users can now avoid one of the most disappointing moments when watching your movies, seasonal series, or TV shows. Tapping a button can mess up your playback.

    But Netflix now has a solution to that, it is called Screen Lock. The main function is to locks the screen UI elements when viewing content on the app. It stops the button prompts, such as the “Play/Pause” buttons, from appearing.

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    The Screen Lock feature can be able to prevent accidental screen touches that can sometimes lead to fast-forwarding unnecessarily, skipping to the next episode, or deactivate/activate subtitles.

    It also helps you to prevent you from stopping playback or accidentally enabling subtitles. If you want to disable the feature, tap your screen, and an “unlock” prompt will appear you’ll need to tap twice.

    The Screen Lock can be found between the “Speed” and “Episode” buttons. When you click on it, all UI elements, including the play/pause, rewind/forward buttons, and the video scrubber, disappear and show a “Screen Locked” icon.

    When the screen is unlocked, you noticed the “Screen Lock” feature, and when it is locked, you will only see “Screen Locked” and to unlock, tap the Screen locked and “Unlock Controls” That is it.

    Netflix Screen lock

    Well, this feature might not be effective or important to some, but when they are children around and touching the screen, it will find its usefulness, allowing the movie to continue playing.

    For the main time, the streaming service, Netflix only added this amazing feature to its Android app version, but we are definitely sure, the update will soon arrive for the iOS app.