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You can search many other words On Google but Never Search this ones!

    Can you believe that they are some few words that you are never allowed to search on Google, if you do, then they are few consequence and punishments, you will have to face. The words are really hilarious.

    Although, some people would still go ahead and search it. At first, when I discovered the words, I was really amazing and stunned but trust me, I don’t want to visit Cell or face some punishments. So I didn’t dare to search them, instead I want to share it.

    But, now Internet has made everyone’s life very easy and simple as we no longer need to refer a dictionary or papers to get information or for paying a bill, shopping, seeing the movie, business transactions, etc.


    We have many search engines to find the unknown things. However, most of the users of Smartphones and Computers use Google Search as it is the dominant search engine.

    List of Words You Should Never Search

    We cannot make a list as there are many keywords which a common user will search. However, there are some phrases or words or Keywords which are abusive and should not google. Most of the people were completely unfamiliar with the genre. Lets know them.

    1. Lemon Party

    What you are thinking isn’t actually the reason concerning the Lemon Party. It is not a party concerns with Yellow fruits or Lemon but it is N*ked old men engaged in recreational activities.

    2. Blue Waffle

    Blue waffle is a picture of an STD-riddled vagina.

    3. Tub Girl

    It is a n*ked woman in a tub full of feces which is worse.

    4. Two Girls, One Cup

    Don’t think outside the box or any other thing but it’s two women doing some terrible things with poop and vomit.

    5. Four Girls Finger Paint

    6. Mr. Hands

    It’s a video of a man having sex with a horse or it’s a video of a horse having sex with a guy. It resulted in one of the most well-known harsh cases in history.

    Note: Please Don’t feel like shouting or what but this article is only for educational purpose. Author is not responsible for any kind of misuse of the information provided above.