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Well, Over 100 Nigerians were sacked from Ericsson Company!

    Should this be called bad news? Or what! Well, a company has the right to do whatever, they know it is the best option to them. But regarding the amount of sacked workers, it looks more like they did something awful and serious.

    According to the header, the popular Ericsson Company has sack over 100 Nigeria workers. And the sources also states that most of the workers are full time employees.

    To those, who doesn’t knwo them; Ericsson is a multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

    Should we blame this on Nigeria economy? Or Ericsson really wants Mr. President to look into the recession of a thing?

    Over 100 Nigerians have been laid off by Ericsson Nigeria, a local subsidiary of the global telecommunications solutions provider.


    A letter sent to the disengaged staff members states that the termination of their appointment takes effect from Sunday, December 4th. Among those affected are 55 full-time employees of the company.

    The company in the disengagement letters, said the positions of those affected have been declared redundant and that their redundancy benefits will be paid soon.

    This is not even funny! This is like a trouble arising somewhere! How I wish the news was like, “Ericsson sack 50 Nigerians, 30 Swedish, 25 Americans and so on” But No, this is not how it is.