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Everything about NIN registration for JAMB UTME candidates

    NIN’s full meaning is National Identification Number, which contains 11 digits numbers. NIN registration is now a compulsory requirement for the JAMB registration procedures.

    In the early Q2 of 2019, the JAMB registrar announced that all the JAMBites must enroll for the National Identification Number, NIN. Which leads students to queue up to hundreds in a single line.

    Well, in this article today, you will learn everything about the National Identification Number. Remember that NIN registration contains all your personal information.

    Updates: JAMB officially suspended the Use of NIN For 2020 UTME/DE Registration. But nin registration will be used from the 2021 JAMB UTME, which means, you can register for JAMB UTME without using NIN or whatsoever.

    During the NIN registration, much isn’t required from you and you can’t receive the hardcopy of the NIN on the same day. Without further ado, let’s get started on everything on NIN, starting from the registration and others.

    NIN Registration Information:

    *. All citizens and legal residents in Nigeria, from age zero (birth) and above are eligible to enroll for NIN.

    *. NIN registration was just N500 as of 2018, and today the fee has surged up to N2,500 and we don’t know why.

    *. To do the form filling for them, minor applicants (0-15 years of age) should be accompanied by parents/guardians.

    *. While the Guardians or Parents are coming for the Minor applicants, they should only bring their NIN slip.

    *. Minors should come with their original and valid birth certificate.

    *. After the registration, Minors won’t be given the National e-ID Card until they become 16 years of age and above.

    *. For minors, a text message will automatically be sent to the Applicant, Parent or guardian to come for an update when they become 16 years of age. This is after completion of enrollment.

    NIN Registration (Old Users)

    This segment contains two sets and categories of people:

    *. Old users: Those that have already registered before now and
    *. New users: Those that are about to get registered.

    Before we continue, if you have already registered for the NIN prior to the announcement by JAMB board of management. Then, you don’t have to panic, because they are the same thing.

    From the beginning of the year, 2019, the NIN registration centers were always empty but since JAMB announced that NIN will be a compulsory requirement for the registration of JAMB, the centers are always crowded.

    If you have registered your NIN for things like opening your savings bank account, domiciliary bank account, and others. Congratulations, you still have NIN, which can be used anywhere and for anything.

    On the other hand like me, if you have torn your laminated card after using it, you don’t have to be afraid. Because there is a 100% chance of getting it back.

    How To Check NIN Number

    Please, note that the service will costs you N20, which means you must have that certain amount to complete the task.

    *. Open your phone dialer
    *. Dial *346#
    *. You will receive this message “Welcome to NIMC USSD Services. This service will cost you N20”. Press 1 to Retrieve your NIN or 2 to cancel
    *. Now click on reply and press “1
    *. Congrats, your NIN will be shown on your phone screen display.

    Another important update is that you must dial this code from the phone number you used when registering for your NIN.

    NIN online registration
    NIN online registration

    NIN Registration (New Users)

    Since we are done with the old users who had already enrolled for the NIN beforehand, lets now focus on how you (new users) can be able to register and get your own number.

    Before we begin, below contains the requirements for both Citizens of Nigeria and Immigrants who are preparing to sit for JAMB in Nigeria.

    [table id=133 /]

    There are quite many for simple requirements for nin registration, but the best documents are just your school ID and your BVN number. In the long run, this will give you a easy and simple pass.

    Nimc Pre-Enrolment Portal

    Anyways, since the lines, and queues are already crowded with hundreds to thousands of people. You are strictly advised to complete the first step of the registration online before visiting the enrolment centers.

    The idea behind this online procedure is to limit the time, and stress, you will spend at the NIMC Enrolment Centre. Trust me, to get it done even with 10 people is always hectic. (Trust our governmental workers).

    *. To complete nin registration online, you will have to visit the online Nimc Pre-Enrolment Portal.

    *. Complete the registration process, by entering all the detail.

    *. After that, you can then print out the Barcode registration slip and

    *. Proceed to an enrolment center to complete the rest of the registration steps.

    Please, if you don’t any Laptop, PC (Personal computer), Computer at your disposal or at home. Please, purchase a limited time at any Cyber Cafe to complete this online portal registration.

    Complete the NIN Registration Process

    1. After completing the online portal registration. And you have printed out the Barcode registration slip.

    2. Walk-in any of the nearest enrolment Centres with the barcode print-out and your documents

    3. The NIMC Barcode slip will be scanned by the NIMC enrolment officer.

    4. The NIMC Official will then crosscheck the information and ask for the consent of the applicant or candidates.

    5. If you crosscheck and accept your information on the monitor, then you can complete other steps.

    6. The Official will then ask you for the following:
    a. To place your fingers on a biometric machine to collect your ten fingerprints
    b. To stay appropriate for a Facial recognition system
    c. To sign on a pad, this should be your signature.
    d. To stand and test your height.

    7. After the first initial processing, a Transaction ID Slip will be issued to you. This is to prove that this as evidence of a completed transaction.

    8. Please, you are expected to return back within 1-5 working days. Your card and number will be made available due to the following: (Network, authentication, and verification).

    9. A National Identification Number (NIN) Slip will be issued to the applicants after processing.

    *. Meanwhile, for the students, candidates or applicants who did not complete the Pre-enrolment registration at the online portal:
    – Can just carry their supporting documents
    – Collect an enrolment form to fill if he/she has not enrolled before
    – And follow the 4th steps downwards.

    Always remember that this is free. You don’t have to make any payments to complete this transaction. Remember that 2years ago, during my own time of registration, I paid N500.

    Added to this information, you should understand that the National e-ID Card will be issued to the applicant within 12months after Issuance of NIN barring any unforeseen circumstances.

    But note that the National e-ID card will NOT be required for the JAMB UTME registration, which is known as the colored. But only the first issuance, which is best known as Black and White slip.

    The NIN registration can be done within the working days period from Mondays to Fridays, but by 8 am to 4 pm. Weekend and Holiday periods are excluded from the dates and times.

    NIN Registration Process

    JAMB News

    NIMC DG/CEO Engr. Aliyu Aziz at the NIMC headquarters, Abuja. said that “2020 UTME/DE Candidates To Be Accorded Preference in Obtaining NIN”

    The Registrar of Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), Professor Ishaq Oloyede, ‎has disclosed that about 40 percent of JAMB candidates have already obtained the National Identity Number (NIN) in the country.

    This was ascertained after a meeting with Computer Based Test centers, Technical Advisors, Service providers (MTN, Airtel, Galaxy backbone, etc) and other stakeholders ‎in Kaduna. Stay tuned for more information.