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Nomophobia – You really need to see the meaning of this word!

    You are always pressing your phone and you can’t do without it at the slightest seconds? Then you are attached or grouped to a word called; NomoPhobia! In dictionary meaning, it is the fear of being without your phone.

    It is the name of the anxiety you get when you are not with your mobile phone. You know that feeling of being uneasy and nervous when you probably forgot your phone or it isn’t just in your immediate surrounding.

    It has been categorized as a condition that affects everyone. When researchers in Hong Kong asked people how they felt without their phone, they used words like ‘hurt’ and ‘alone’ to describe their mood.

    chained to your phone

    Do you think, you have Nomophobia? Then go through this test; Nomophobia Test.

    The word nomophobia is a portmanteau made up of no + mobile + phone + phobia. The term was created by YouGov, a research organization based in the United Kingdom.

    In a 2008 study, researchers reported that 53% of mobile users felt anxious when they were unable to use their mobile phones and over half of users never shut their phones off. And it can lead to increase in heart rate and blood pressure.