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Ntel Start Sales Of 0804 Lines April 8, 2016

    This is a wonderful and awesome news that I have heard for the past few days. Ntel will soon begin their activeness in Nigeria.

    Ntel recently launched its website allowing you to choose your own personalize ntel numbers. Once again, ntel would begin the first phase rollout with the commercial sales of its 0804 mobile line on April 8 in Lagos and Abuja.

    Do you realize that NCC has approved all license authorizations that are necessary for ntel to launch its Voice over LTE (VoLTE) network using next generation telecommunications infrastructure for its first phase rollout in April.

    ntel 0804

    The company acquired some base transceiver stations (BTS) from the old NITEL, it also entered partnership agreement with IHS and Helios Towers, builders of BTS and other telecoms infrastructure, to roll out 600 base stations for the commercial rollout in Lagos and Abuja, with plans to extend the rollout plan to Port Harcourt with additional 200 BTS, also known as base stations. He added.

    Ntel had deployed 200 kilometres of metro fibre optic transmission cables in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, for seamless Network connectivity during the rollout. The CEO of ntel also added that ntel had deployed LTE Advanced, the latest 4G technology with multi-antennae sites.

    Ntel has completed the construction of Tier III Datacentre as well as reactivation of SAT-3 submarine international fibre optic cable.