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OPPO, OnePlus and HUAWEI are top three Indian mobile smartphone brands

    Well, if you are looking for the top mobile phone companies brand in India, here they are OPPO, OnePlus and HUAWEI who ranks in top three Indian mobile brands in smartphones survey.

    According to ‘Numr Research’ they have announced the top smartphones brands in India, which includes OPPO, OnePlus, and HUAWEI. Huawei is one of the top three mobile brands in India.

    According to facts, Huawei has sold over 200 million smartphones in 2018, shipped 100 million devices by the end of May, reaching the 100 million mark faster than it did last year, as per a report by IDC.

    It is also recorded that Huawei P30 series scored a new 3-month sales record, reaching 10 million sales in a 85 days, two months faster than the P20 series.

    Currently, India is the second largest smartphone market, and it is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 23.4 per cent between the years 2017-2025.

    HUAWEI P30
    HUAWEI P30

    If you are not aware, Numr Research is a market research firm that usually conducted a survey and unveiled Net Promoter Score which reveals ranks of various smartphones in India.

    They also announced the NetPromoter Score (NPS), which is used for calculating customer’s satisfaction towards a phone brand. OPPO leads the way with an NPS score of 84, followed by OnePlus and HUAWEI whereas Apple got an NPS score of 68 Xiaomi got a score of 66, Lenovo got a score of 64 and Samsung got an NPS score of 63.

    According to the research team results, 52% of people own only 1 phone, 42% of people have 2 smartphones and another 5% of people have 3 personal smartphones while 1% have 4 smartphones and/or more.

    If you really don’t know, they also conducted research on how many minutes they usually spend on various smartphone activities, Online Shopping (64 min), Social Media (67 min), and watching movies/ videos (69 min), phone/videos calls (56 min), musics (43 min), texting (41 min) on their Smartphones.

    Source: Outlookindia