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Oppo slowly makes it way OUT of Blu-ray player and headphones Business

    Sadly but one of the biggest Chinese Smartphone makers and popular audios system producers, Oppo Digital officially bows out of the business of manufacturing Blu-ray player and headphones, as of 2nd of April, 2018.

    On their official Twitter page, they made the intrusive video thanking their fans and users. Well, up till date, Oppo hasn’t responded to the pleas of their customers, tech websites, pleading to know the reason, why they decided to bow out of the business.

    The post on its website, says, “From now on, OPPO Digital will focus our main effort on organizing and ensuring long term support for the existing generation of products. As such, we will not have the resources to develop and release new generations of products. As our latest 4K UHD players reach the pinnacle of their performance, it is time to say goodbye.”

    Oppo Digital

    Oppo Digital has been well known US brand for almost 14-years for producing high-end audio equipment and disc players. This news is indeed a sad news for both the company and home theaters customers too.

    From April 2nd, we will stop seeing the Blu-ray players, headphones, DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K UHD disc players from Oppo Digital. The company might stop making new audio system but they promise to provide technical supports for already existing customers with equipment both in-and-out of warranty.

    And will also provide firmware updates when necessary. But for newer products, the company will issue out frequent update while older products will only receive demanding updates. If you had bought their new products within 30days before April 2nd, Oppo Digital promises a refund.

    The company also says, all of its devices will still be on sale until they’re out of stock.