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How to pay and subscribe DSTV / GOtv with FCMB Online and USSD Code

    Subscribing or activating your PayTV or Satellite TV Channels is now much easier, where you can easily activate or renew your subscriptions with a blink of an eye.

    There are other ways to renew your DSTV / GOTv subscriptions, especially better and smarter ways. FCMB has made it easier for customers to pay for their Satellite TV.

    Today, we will show you how to pay, activate or subscribe your DSTV / GOtv subscriptions with FCMB online and via FCMB mobile banking USSD code.

    How to pay for DSTV / GOtv with FCMB USSD Code

    This method is also known as FCMB mobile banking, where you can easily complete multiple transactions with your mobile phone by dialing some USSD code.

    Here is how to pay for your DSTV / GOtv subscriptions with FCMB USSD code:

    1. Switch your phone on

    2. Dial *329*2*Amount*Smartcard Number#

    3. Enter your ATM PIN

    4. You are done.

    You must first and foremost, know and understand the particular subscription plan packages pricing you are purchasing. You can check types of DSTV Packages.

    fcmb internet banking

    How to pay for DSTV / GOtv with FCMB online

    1. Enter your Login details to Fcmbonline

    2. Enter your Answer Security Question

    3. Under Bills Payment option, select ‘Pay DSTV/GOTV’

    4. Select your debiting account

    5. Select Paying Account and Bouquet

    6. Enter youe Number of Months

    7. Enter your Subscription Amount

    8. Enter your Smart Card Number

    9. Confirm smartcard number

    10. Select Authentication Code Type

    11. Enter your Transaction Password & Token Code/SMS Code.

    12. Lastly, click Pay Bill

    Before you can complete any of the above procedures, you must first have an account with First Bank Monument Bank (FCMB).

    While for FCMB online, you must learn how to activate your FCMB online account, before you can complete the above payment procedures.

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