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PayPal App – How to Download PayPal Mobile App for Android and iPhone

    Paypal is undoubtedly one of the best payment apps available, and it has a bunch of amazing and stunning features. To make it service versatile, there is the PayPal App, which is available for both Android and iOS.

    Majority of its features enhances diversion of securities. PayPal are seen as one of the most secured payment apps, as they aim to “keep all your information safe”

    All PayPal app users can even pay for petrol at Shell’s stations using their smartphones. With all this information gathered, lets get straight to the app.

    paypal app

    PayPal Mobile App

    Firstly, you need to know that PayPal allows you to send and receive money around the globe. And you can even create an invoice to receive payment.

    The company has introduced a lot of features, that has propelled them to a more greater standards over the years. The PayPal mobile app has your back, from your daily expenses to the business level.

    Understand that PayPal has its own website, where you can also send and receive money, and everything is being done via the online platform.

    But in order to ensure that all users has its own comfotability, they made the PayPal app available for their mobile users, which includes Android and OS.

    The PayPal Mobile app is available for iPhone and Android. And you can get it straight from PayPal New App page. It all depends on your phone, we’ve provided the links to download any version of it.

    PayPal APK for Android

    There is the PayPal app for Android Smartphones, which is also known as the PayPal APK. It can be downloaded from Google Playstore and it has the latest security features.

    Well, PayPal has bunch of other apps, which are all under the company license name. But there are quite different from each other, there is the PayPal Business and PayPal Here app.

    However, with the PayPal Apk for Android, which you can possibly relate to PayPal Mobile Cash, allows you to send and request money fast.

    google playstore

    PayPal app for iPhone

    The company has improved its payment apps for iPhone/Android, and it concerns the interface, although, it is not as flashy as the new ones.

    With the PayPal app for iPhone, you can get the convenience you want, paired with the secure transactions you’ve come to trust from PayPal.

    Both Android and iPhone users using the PayPal app will definitely enjoy no transaction fees when sending money to Friends and Family in the U.S. when you use your bank account or balance.

    apple itunes

    PayPal Mobile App Feature

    Aside from the quick features mentioned under the “PayPal app for iPhone” the company has much more than that to offer and they includes the following:

    *. 24/7 transaction monitoring

    *. Secure encryption technology

    *. Fraud protection

    *. Fingerprint and two-factor authentication (activation required)

    *. No Charge when sending money to friends and family

    *. You can Pay for Goods and Services with Confidence

    *. You can Access your balance instantly with PayPal Cash Card

    *. You can send money to PayPal accounts around the globe

    Everything has been situated for you, the company has provided its services in various platform. You can go ahead and choose which one is confidential.