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You can now pay out using PayPal inside Gmail, YouTube, and more with G-Pay

    With the help of Google Pay, Paypal can now work properly inside Gmail, Youtube and Google store. Just how Google works, sign into your account and access Paypal all through Google’s platform.

    All you have to do is to add you add PayPal to your Google Play account and immediately, the feature will be enabled as a payment option on all the other Google services that accept payment, including Google Store.

    The collaboration between the two film is essential and allows users to complete important transactions seamlessly and more faster. Anyways, the Paypal will definitely benefits from each transactions.

    Paypal in gmail

    Thankfully, we really don’t have to wait for years or month to enjoy this feature. It is an upcoming feature and will go live later this year. It is not only restricted to apps other day-to-day services using Google Pay, including peer-to-peer transfers as well as payments.

    While it might raise some privacy concerns, the fact is that you’d have to sign in to use PayPal, anyway, so you might as well enjoy one less step. Anyways, Google Pay still works!

    This isn’t the first time, Paypal is collaborating with a company, they already had with Facebook. There is the send money feature on Messenger also using Paypal.