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Girl Electrocuted to Death when Charging her Phone – Lessons to Learn

    *. The Images are censored!

    Technology Innovation is always amazing and wonderful but carelessness during the production and using it comes after with destruction while carefulness leads to protection. Lets get wise with this two cases;

    Within a short period of time, disastrous grief caught up with the family of Kseniya. P. she is the only child of the her Parent, a 12-year-old young school girl who returned from playing basketball after school.

    Her mother was cooking an evening meal and become worried about Kseniya’s silence. She went into the bathroom and found the girl ‘already dead with her head under the water’.

    Whats the cause? She got Electrocuted To Death After She Dropped Her Phone In Water While Charging In The Bathroom.
    How did it happen? The girl was listening to music when her smartphone ran out of power, officers said. She plugged it in to charge in the bathroom but then phone with the cable attached fell into the water, according to a preliminary investigation.

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    In another case, Young Chinese Boy Had One Of His Eyes Blinded And His Right Index Finger Ripped Off. His name is 12-year-old Meng Jisu. This came after His Mobile Phone Exploded While Charging.

    X-ray pictures showed his palm and a number of other digits on his right hand were also left heavily wounded after the explosion. Lan Tianbing, the chief physician at the local People’s Hospital, said the boy’s ‘shredded’ index finger was not brought along with him. But he said it was not possible to reattach the finger.

    The boy had to undergo five-hour surgery during which doctors removed plastic from his hand and face, reported Guangxi News. The doctors also carried out skin graft on his right forearm, reattached the blood vessels of his thumb, middle finger and ring finger onto his right hand.

    The doctors estimated that a 98 per cent of Jisu’s hand would regain full function in the future. The Phone is Hua Tang VT-V59, which is made in China.

    From the above cases, you would swear with your lives that the cause of the second boy incident is the carelessness of the company but that isn’t true, both case is caused by carelessness.

    *Note: I might be wrong, but this all from my own perspective.

    The first incident involving the girl named Kseniya.P was charging her phone, listening to music/songs and it then fell into the water. Apparently, she haven’t read the T&C of all phones:

    *. Don’t use your Phone while Charging it.

    You might want to answer a call but as it is plugged in, all you have to do is to remove it from the Plug and answer the call. Then you can then plug it back and within this short period time, please, it would be advisable not to have any atom water within that perimeter.

    But their all children, Parent also might be cause. A 12-years-old child doesn’t know the rules of using a Smartphone, every parent should educate their child concerning a particular product, gadgets before handing it down or buying it to/for them.

    Instructions doesn’t only have to do with ‘Don’t use this phone to watch any ’18+’ videos. Other things are also included.

    And back to the company, it would be very good, if you can either look for a way of innovating protection of shock/explodes or on the pack of the phones, boldly inscribe the instructions on it.

    What do you have to say?