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Phoneky Review: Best apps, games, themes, wallpaper download?

    Aside from Google Playstore for Android handset, iTunes for iOS iPhone smartphones, which only allows apps and games download, here is Phoneky com – Another one-stop for free games, apps, HD wallpaper, videos, movies, and themes for all mobile platforms.

    Phoneky rise to its fame from the Q2 of 2010, and since the website has been thriving, adding a bunch of features to its vast catalog of services. Everything on Phoneky, starting from videos, movies, games, apps, wallpaper, themes is free to download at no extra cost.


    What is Phoneky com all about?

    The website claims to “serve you the best free ringtones, wallpapers, and notification sound to customize your mobile” Well, it isn’t as bad as claimed, and Phoneky is actually the perfect spot to get all required files and data. Phoneky app is also available on Android and iOS.

    To even spice things up, all these services are provided as freebies and unbound. Most times, Phoneky is being wrongly known as PhoneKey, but with unrestricted access to all mobile platforms such as Android, iPhone, and even Java mobile. It is the best.

    Well, if you are looking for a renowned and unique entertainment website for mobile users, offering exclusive dedication to delivering series of good mobile needs, then Phoneky should be what you think all day.

    Phoneky app supported devices

    • App for Android – Google Playstore
    • App for iPhone – iTunes
    • App for Java
    • App for Windows devices – Microsoft store
    • Online website for all

    At the time of publishing this article, the Phoneky app for Android isn’t available, and you can easily get either the app or game from the online website. If you used a PC, you’ll have to transfer it to your Android Smartphone, either via cable, email, Whatsapp, Bluetooth, etc.

    Fortunately, Phoneky permission isn’t that much, it will have access to all your files, peripheral devices, apps, programs, and registry
    Access your Internet connection, as said by Microsoft store. The website is

    Phoneky Games
    Phoneky Games

    Phoneky Games

    There are series of games that can be easily downloaded from Thanks to its complimentary measurable accessibility, the website claims that you can easily get your games without the hassle and offer a fast connection.

    Phoneky claims that “you can download from a collection of over 31,000 Android games” undoubtedly, Phoneky offers more than 150+ genres and collections of Android games, from Action, Robot, Racing, Shooting, GTA, Fantasy, etc.

    It also offers MODs games, and a wide range of games to begin with. It has a clean and easy interface, you can just search for the game, or sort them out by choosing from either Featured, Names A-Z, and Number of Games.

    On Android, before we begin, you must enable install apps from external, unknown, or unidentified sources, go to your phone’s Settings > Security & privacy > More settings > Tap on Install apps from external sources > Select the browser > Toggle Allow app installs on.

    Once you have activated and enabled that, you can just go ahead and search, click on the game you want, and click on Download Game or Alternative Download Link, and it begins automatically. It is as simple and easy as this.

    Phoneky Apps

    While games reduce your stress and make you focus after a long day at work, Applications, Softwares make life easier and Phoneky got them all. Each page of the Phoneky app category contains about 100+ apps, and it goes all way to page 999. This is big!

    From the first page, you will notice the apps tagged as the best app, and it starts with the most download app download to the last page with the list of most downloaded apps. The genres are also there too, social, messaging, entertainment, audio, photography, and more.

    As usual, you must enable install apps from external or unidentified sources, go to your phone’s Settings > Security & privacy > More settings > Tap on Install apps from external sources > Select the browser > Toggle Allow app installs on. Go ahead, click on the app and get it.

    Phoneky Ringtones

    Phoneky Ringtones

    In this category, Phoneky boasts of “a collection of over 300,000 ringtones for both Android and iPhone” Well, for your notice, there aren’t joking, with over 120+ genres available at their disposal, Phoneky is well-deserving of the title.

    When you visit the ringtones category page, you will be welcome by a self-claimed best ringtones collection, greatest ringtones, new and popular, most downloaded this month, and lastly, top-rated this month.

    Phoneky ringtones collections include Funny, Chillout n Ambient, Sound Effects, Pop n Rock, Classical, International, Alerts, Animal Sounds, Sayings, Electronic, Instrumental, Jazz, Original, Bollywood, Indian, Holiday n Xmas, Dance, and Club.

    Others are SMS Alerts, Rap n HipHop, Remix, TV n Movie Themes. Before you get it, there is a play button, which allows you to listen to the sound. Once you like, go ahead and click on it, and straight to download.

    Phoneky Themes

    Tagged as Android theme, Phoneky offer another wide-range of themes option too. With almost 100+ themes per page, which goes all the way up to 700 pages, you will surely get the best theme for your Android-powered Smartphone.

    Well, themes are still in great demand, users still search for the best theme for a particular mobile handset and generally. There are over hundreds of app and programs claiming to offer the best themes on Google Playstore. If you want one, click and get it.

    Phoneky WallPapers

    Phoneky HD WallPapers

    Images might be excluded, well, there are a lot of that on the web right now, but HD wallpapers, let get started with that. Although, the images are quite intriguing, with over 800,000 images that cover HD wallpaper, gif animation, Android and iPhone live wallpaper.

    The background wallpapers are attractive, and the categories are Abstract, Animals, Sci-Fi n Fantasy, Signs n Sayings, Gothic n EMO, Spiritual, Seasonal n Holidays, Places, Nature n Landscapes, Funny, Cars n Bikes, Love n Romance.

    When browsing through these images, HD wallpapers, and GIF animation, the page went over 900 and they were actually cool. They are series of other unique options also. Whatever one you love, click on it and get it straight to your device.

    phoneky logo

    Phoneky Videos

    Well, there are just videos on Phoneky, and nothing more than that. Phoneky does not offer movies but short videos which are categorized into different genres, such as funny, action, and more.

    The video section is completely filled up with tom and jerry’s short videos, (which we no longer find funny again). But these videos amass to such a great deal tho, with over 100+ per page, and this goes all the way up to 999 pages. Click and get your favorite, funny video.

    After surfing through Phoneky, it is completely safe and sane to accept the ideology behind this build. Around 2010, there weren’t many of this, but in today’s world, there are many other we really don’t need and watch them, there are NO longer safe. I still have a question, who still uses Java phones?