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Piggy bank on Android and iPhone – Is an online money saving bank that helps you save and invest

    To save in Nigeria, Piggy bank is all you need! With piggy bank, you can save faster, smarter and efficiently. Piggy bank is just known as money saving box.

    There is the wooden piggy bank safe money box for your savings, but that was during our childhood times. But piggy bank is all about online savings.

    Simplicity is everything here, and it is just beautiful to use. Kolo is how we knew it during our childhood times, but right now, it is piggy bank!

    What is Piggy bank? helps you stop excessive spending by allowing you save and invest money you would normally be tempted to spend. Where you will also earn over 10% interests on your savings. is an amazing company that was started by Somto Ifezue, Odunayo Eweniyi and Joshua Chibueze, who first met at Covenant University, Nigeria.

    It is a technology layer on top of what the banks have, helping grow your savings. It is connected with UBA, and you can contact them directly with your details.


    How to open and register for piggy bank account?

    Piggy bank is a simple app that helps you save and invest with ease. Piggy bank is available as an application on Android and iOS. You can also login online via their website.

    1. Go to

    2. Click on ‘Create a free account”

    3. Enter the following details:
    – First & Last Name (Should Match Your Bank)
    – Valid Email
    – Phone Number
    – Create a Password
    – Referrer Phone or Promo Code (Optional)
    – How Did You Hear About Us

    4. Tap on Create a free Account

    5. You have to set Withdrawal Bank

    6. Now Activate your account by adding your debit card and amount

    The schedule only allows four(4) free withdrawals on chosen dates within a year, withdrawing outside any of these dates attracts a penalty. is a product of PiggyTech Global Limited. Piggytech owns an MFB [Gold Microfinance Bank Limited] which is licensed by the Central bank of Nigeria (CBN).

    Is Piggy bank Nigeria safe?

    This is one of the most important question when developing interest to start saving online. Piggy bank is both for adults and kids, you must have any bank account.

    Like already aforementioned, Piggy bank is much like money saving box but for online users. From the reviews of users online, I can certify that Piggy bank Nigeria is generally safe to use.

    Piggy bank is not a house where money is kept and you can walk in at anytime to do some transaction. It is a savings box and like a digital savings box.

    During Bounce News interview with Piggybank Co-founder, “It’s a financial technology service that helps people save. All the funds are warehoused and monitored by Piggybank’s partner, United Bank for Africa, UBA.”

    Piggy Bank Nigeria Reviews

    To certify that Piggy bank is completely safe, here are the top reviews from all users online:

    You can make contact with all the Co-founder of Piggybank Founder:
    1. Somto Ifezue HERE.

    2. JOSH HERE.

    3. Daria Odun Eweniyi HERE.

    Why you should use Piggy bank?

    If you are interested to start saving online with Piggy bank, then you can start right away. But if you are not, then the below features, benefits might enlighten your spirit:

    1. You can choose to save little amounts of money periodically (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) towards a specific savings target OR lock away funds for a specified period of time.

    2. helps you stop excessive spending by letting you easily keep funds away that you will not like to touch.

    3. They take away the stress by combining simplicity, discipline, convenience, and flexibility to enable you to manage your finances better and achieve financial freedom.

    4. Save money to pay for house rent, school fees, and others.

    5. Piggybank Does Not Have Access To Your Savings

    6. They uses a payment processor called Paystack.

    7. The login is completely secured!

    8. You can save automatically or on your terms- set daily, weekly, or monthly savings.

    9. Set multiple savings target- saving for rent, a car, vacation, and a new laptop? With, you can do just that and more.

    10. Save Securely

    11. Transparent

    piggybank platform

    How to does Piggybank work and make money?

    Piggybank only makes money when UBA invests the total savings on the platform in government securities such as bonds, treasury bills, etc.

    The returns on these investments help piggybank to pay you 6% annual interest rates on your savings and also make money for themselves.

    The 6% is spread 1.5% every quarter. Every quarter, Piggybank checks your account, and as long as your savings plan is active, they’ll add 1.5% to your balance.

    The money you save with Piggybank is held in UBA. Piggybank is an extension of a savings account with UBA.

    However, you can easily contact Piggybank or UBA for any failed security issue. UBA is licenced, regulated by CBN and insured by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation, NDIC.

    Download Piggy bank mobile app is a digital online savings and investment app that helps you save and invest money with ease.

    With automated savings and the ability to save towards multiple goals, you are able to meet all your savings goals.

    With, you earn competitive returns, better than your bank’s savings account.

    *. You can download Piggy app for Android Smartphone via Google playstore HERE.

    *. You can also download Piggy app for iPhone via iTunes HERE.

    Piggybank Contacts Number

    If you’ve got any issue with Piggy bank, then below is their contact details:

    – Address: Physical Office Address: No. 16, Boyle Street, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

    – Number: 0700 933 933 933 (Mon-Fri from 9am-5pm)

    – Email: [email protected]

    – Website:

    Are you ready to start saving, then Piggy bank is here for you! It has got everything you ever need to save this year. Do you want your friends to save more money, then you can share this article with your friends online using the below share buttons.