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You won’t believe how Police caught this Whatsapp drug-dealer!

    The answer is quite simple and short, they caught him using his Fingerprint via Whatsapp, where the photo was shared! At first, it sounds dumb but camera are getting the credits! Although, Fingerprint are quaint but it was worth it!

    When, devices and chat are encrypted, law enforcement agency find it hard to access, conclude their work before cuffing their victims. But that didn’t stop them, they ditch that and went further to figure out the best option.

    According to BBC, the South Wales cops used the word ‘groundbreaking’ to conclude the result. Cops in Wales managed to use a picture sent via the popular chat app, Whatsapp, to extract fingerprints belonging to a suspected drug dealer.

    Nokia 8 smartphone

    It was based on a WhatsApp message with a photograph of the dealer’s hand holding an assortment of pills. That evidence was then used to obtain convictions. All thanks to the camera used in taking the photo.

    These are believed to be the first convictions in Wales from fingerprints taken from a photograph, BBC noted. If you could see the photo, you’d noticed that the photo, was just showing a little glimpse of culprits hand but that was enough evident to catch the victim.

    Mr Thomas pointed that he believes it is the first time someone’s fingerprint has been identified by a photograph in Wales and shows the potential of a forensic unit with a small piece of evidence. About 80% of people now have mobile phones and use them to record incidents such as fights and car crashes.