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Top Working Ponzi Schemes in Nigeria – Make Money Online in Nigeria

    Are you willing to invest your money and get your return without waiting for months or years? Then the best way is through Online via Ponzi Schemes!

    Do you want to risk your weekly salary in order to get it back without delay? Then you trust some Online Ponzi Schemes in Nigeria. This is one of the best way to make money online. This is also one of the Get-rich-quick scheme.

    Before we commence listing it out then, we have to know the meaning of Ponzi Schemes; It is a form of fraud in which belief in the success of a nonexistent enterprise is fostered by the payment of quick returns to the first investors from money invested by later investors.

    An older Charles Ponzi reflects on his infamous, though brief, stint as a successful schemer. Ponzi schemes pop up frequently, though not all of them are big enough to make headlines. But every few years, a news story comes out telling how authorities have exposed an extensive and long-running Ponzi scheme.

    ponzi schemes

    Two such exposed schemes (one that broke in 2006 and the other in 2008) were each reportedly bigger than any before them. Bernard Madoff, who orchestrated the most massive Ponzi scheme to date, conned about $65 billion from investors who came from all walks of life.

    FBL is going to list out amazing Online money making websites in Nigeria which includes Reliable ponzi schemes in Nigeria. The below various ways are method on how to make money online in Nigeria.

    Top Working Ponzi Schemes in Nigeria

    Remember to use your spare money but the truth is, there is nothing like spare money. And you should note that Ponzi Schemes doesn’t last for long, so using spare money is the best idea.

    a. 247Helpers – Make Money Online

    One of the best. With 247helpers, you get 100% of your PH when applying for GH, Isn’t that great? The options start from N10,000, N20,000, N50,000.

    Do you want to begin? You can only select to PH either N10K or 20K or N50K after which you will be matched to redeem pledge within 24 hours which you will be required to make payment within 24 hours.

    You can Get Help immediately after confirming your PH pledge. You you also get 5% direct referral bonus too.


    This is a new platform that promises 200% of your donation in 1 to 20 days but you will surely get your money in a day or two. Their payment is really fast now because they are new.
    Their packages are N10,000 N20,000 and N50,000
    If you donate N10,000 on the platform, you will be match with two people that will donate N10,000 each to you..
    This is a whatsapp group created for the platform

    b. Zigma – Make Money Online

    Imagining getting 90% after 30 days, isn’t that amazing? Zigma is a mutual aid platform that boasts of enhanced feature similar to MMM Express, although MMM Express gives 100% in 30 days while Sigma gives 90% in 30 days.

    It has two different plans; There are;

    *. 60% after 30 days (15 days locking period, you can start withdrawing after 15 days)

    *. 90% after 30 days (30 days locking period, you can’t withdraw until the 30th day)

    You do not get scam right now, instead you make more money than your group mate! Enjoy it while it last.

    c. Donation Hub – Make Money Online

    Another amazing and not just popular but working Online Schemes (Right now) is the Donation Hub, in just 48hours, you get your money back with over 50%.

    It is an online community where people help each other financially and you can make 20% – 50% in 2 – 7 days Naira. Do you wanna try it out? Then GH it now or never.

    d. BTCInvestments – Make Money Online

    This is one of the BTC Business in Nigeria, with the BTCInvestment, you can make money online in Nigeria without having headaches or whatever.

    In this particular one, no monthly subscription like that of Zarfund. You can acquire up to 16 BTC easily, all you need to do is join an active team and try to bring people under you that is the Networking business in Nigeria.

    e. MMMBTC Online – Make Money Online

    Another BTC Business in Nigeria is the MMMBTC online that helps you to donate and receive 100% in 15 days in Bitcoin.

    To be convinced, it is currently paying and it gives you 5% referral bonus which also includes manager bonus and others.

    Others includes Paydoubler, where you pay N5k and receive N20k within 7days of payment. MySureCash that gives you 50% in 28 days, Mutual Grant 40% in a month, CrowdRising pay N7,400 and get N7,400 each from 5 people, iCharity; pay N6,000 to an upline and get N6,000 from 5 people you can also upgrade to level 12,000 and earn 12,000 from 25 people. There are many more; NNN Nigeria, twinkas, Ultimate Cycler, O-give,

    Disclaimer; Please, note that, FBL isn’t affiliated with any of the aforementioned Ponzi Schemes. This is NOT ENDORSED BY FREEBROWSINGLINK.COM. 

    Right now, they may be working and in another few hours, days, weeks, month, they might stop working, so you shouldn’t hold FBL accountable for that. Thanks for your co-operation.

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