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Mobile apps that makes your Partner a Suspect & unfaithful

    Technology has taken over your Relationship, this isn’t about the not-talking-type-because-of-Smartphone, instead it is about those cheating on the other Partner using some of this .

    Some relationship are failed ones, all because of some Mobile apps unlike the ancients days, where you would have depend on emails, texts, friends talk, internet browsing history and many others.

    If your Partner isn’t Faithful, this Mobile apps Might be the Cause. If your Partner isn’t Faithful, Take down this Mobile apps. Mobile apps that makes your Partner a Suspect & unfaithful

    Right now, mobile apps, might now be the cause. So, if you find any of this below apps on his/her Phone, think it through, it is high time, you investigate more and more. Watch out!

    Nosy Trap

    The Nosy Trap works wonder, if you’re having an affair but fear your partner may be on to you, Nosy Trap could help you catch them before they catch you.

    This is how it work, you will have to enable the app whenever you leave your phone unattended and when someone tries to go snooping on it, a picture is taken of them with the front camera.

    apps for unfaithful partners


    Private Photo

    Hope you have seen a calculator before right? Yea, the Private photo looks like one. It has a different name but the same calculator image on the app. Would you mind checking some calculator app?

    The Private Photo app icon looks like a calculator, but after you enter the right password, it reveals itself to be a store of secret images which never appear in your phone’s main photo library.

    Fox Private Message

    One of the most privatized is the Fox Private Message, where the shaking of the phone, automatically deletes all the chat, at once.

    If you walk in on your partner on their phone and see them immediately shake the device, watch out – they could be using Fox Private Message, which deletes all messages when the phone is shaken.

    What’s more, the app shows up in disguise on your phone, and after you add a number as a private contact, any message from them goes straight into the app rather than your usual inbox.

    Tiger Text

    Made for different purposes but some people out there found out some other uses out of it, using it for their Personal selfish purposes and gain.

    Whilst not officially a cheating app, Tiger Text allows users to hide their texts, and if someone you don’t want to call you (say, your mistress) tries to ring your phone, the app plays an “out of service tone,” Bravo TV reports.

    The app was supposedly created for use in business, but cheaters have found another use for it.

    In conclusion: It is now your time to take cover and watch out! However, don’t go breaking up over a Mobile app. It would be safe, if you can just ask around or watch more. This is to enlighten you.