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How to rent a movie with DSTV box office

    Definitely, you will concur that DSTV is among the most rated Satellite Pay TV service in Nigeria, and many other Africa, Asia countries. DSTV Satellite TV offers a wide range of services starting from DSTV catch-up, DSTV now, and many others. How to rent a movie with DSTV box office

    But today, lets see how one could rent a movie online, either watch it on desktop, phone on DSTV Explora decoder. This DSTV box office, and surprisingly, they offer broad-spectrum of movies, films, that can be watch at your convenience.

    The real question is, how can I rent a movie on DSTV? Guess what, even if you are not a DSTV customer, you can also register and follow the necessary procedures, steps to rent your favorite movie and watch it online.

    To begin, you need to understand what DSTV Box office is all about and you must have the DSTV explora, if you don’t want to watch it online!

    DSTV box office

    What is DSTV Explora Decoder

    DSTV has other decoders, but the Explora is the most expensive of them all. It offers exciting and attractive features, that may force you to immediately purchase the decoder. Lets take a look at some of the features;

    – Sharp HD videoing content: It display a sharp, vivid and immersive view at 1080p @50ps. But works perfectly with HMDI cable wire.

    – DSTV catch up: Download lots of catch ups, such as programs, series, kid’s shows, movies, documentaries etc to watch at your leisure time.

    – Remote handling: It comes with a hand sensor remote, it start glowing with shiny dark orange color. It can record anything you are watching, pause & play, fast-forward and back-warding. You can schedule a recording of a show you would have missed.

    There are many other feature, arrangement of playlist, many more channels, box office. You can get the DSTV Explora from either Online or offline DSTV retailers. I bought mine at N45K!

    How to register for Box Office

    To sign up for Box office, you can follow the below process;

    *. Press the BoxOffice button (Explora) to access BoxOffice
    *. Go to, or
    *. Select the Register option,
    *. Type the on-screen smartcard number,
    *. Select your country code and type your mobile number
    *. Click Submit
    *. You will receive a message to say that you successfully signed up

    After signing up and registering, you can now successfully rent your movie.

    How to rent movies on DSTV box office with PVR

    Countries such as Angola, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Mozambique have their special code that can be used to register. This steps is only available on DSTV explora decoder. To rent your movie on DSTV with box office, just follow the instructions;

    *. On your PVR remote, press the GREEN button (Box office) on your DStv PVR remote
    *. Choose from up to 20 blockbusters
    *. Click on RENT, and a rental code will display
    *. Go to
    *. Select Rental options
    *. Enter the rental code and your phone number that is linked with the account
    *. Click on submit

    Note: Rentals, and payment for same, can be done instantly using any of the acceptable means of payment.

    Note: As your first movie is on the DSTV – no funds will be deducted when you rent your first movie.

    It is advisable to fund your account firstly, you can go ahead and check out the methods, you can make use of, in order to fund your DSTV Box office account.

    How to rent movies with DSTV Box office and watch it online

    As explained on the basics of DSTV box office, the DSTV box office is also available to non-customers. You can rent a movie on DSTV box office and watch it via your phone, laptop, tablet etc. Just follow the instructions on how to rent and watch movies on DSTV box office!

    *. Signup with Box office as a non-customer HERE
    *. Click on Watch Free and enter your necessary details.
    *. Press Continue and enter the confirmation code
    *. Choose from a wide selection of Hollywood blockbusters
    *. Rent instantly and pay with a variety of flexible payment options
    *. Stream movies directly from the website.

    To fund and top up your DSTV Box office account both Online and on PVR, DSTV explora, you have to visit this LINK.

    dstv box office to rent movies

    How to set BoxOffice Rental Blocking PIN

    Thankfully, you can manage usage on Boxoffice by setting the Rental Blocking PIN. The pin works the same with PG, and note that, with this PIN, nobody can rent a movie without your concern.

    *. Press DStv Central on your Explora remote
    *. Select Watch Now
    *. Select BoxOffice
    *. Select BoxOffice Rental Blocking
    *. Enter a 4 digit PIN if you have not set Parental Control.
    *. Set BoxOffice Rental Blocking PIN to ON

    Having any Box office issue?

    You can either visit their FAQs HERE, or you can go ahead and contact the BoxOffice call centre on +234 12703232. Other contact includes; 08039003788, email to [email protected] or [email protected].

    Enjoy your Movie!