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Well, You can now resize any Emoji on Facebook Messenger!

    After the introduction of big and huge Emoji on our Facebook Messenger Application. Facebook just realized that the Emoji is too big for us to use, so they did a real amazing stuff to it!

    It is really amazing and wonderful. So we can now at least chat with smaller Emoji like the Whatsapp Own Emoji! Hello, Facebook Messenger finally lets you resize any emoji.

    Yea, we all know that one can send giant thumb-ups on Messenger by holding down the like button? Yes, it is popular, especially for those who use the Messenger as Often as using their Phones.

    fb messenger

    So with that in their mind, Facebook just announced you can do the same with any other emoji now. Just tap and hold on it and it will enlarge; the longer you hold, the larger it gets. It will be sent to your friend as soon as you let go.

    Although, the feature is definitely taking a page out Google’s upcoming Allo chat app, which lets you resize any message(not just emoji).

    Whereas, the feature has been added to itunes for iOS devices but it is upcoming for Android Smartphones. When it comes out, we will definitely share it with you, stay updated!