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RIA Money Transfer Customer Service – How to Contact RIA Money Transfer Nigeria

    Are you going through any series of RIA money transfer service issue? then you need to go ahead and contact their customer care service right away. Have you ever be in need of reaching out to RIA Money transfer customer service? we are here to help solve that depressing issue.

    Before you come to this page, we assume that you know all about RIA money transfer service. Well, if you don’t, then just know that the platform helps you receive money in Nigeria from abroad, and it works in over 155 countries worldwide.

    They are not only trusted, but also reliable. Having completed over one (1) billion transaction, trust should be the answer to your doubting mindset. In addition, the service is simple, effective and easy to use. Sending and transferring money is made easy with RIA money transfer.

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    ria money transfer

    RIA Money Transfer Customer Service

    Before contacting RIA money transfer service, you are expected to visit their FAQs page and find out if your issue, problem has already been solved by them. If not then choose from any of the below contact option.

    Anyways, before that you must know about RIA money transfer customer service hour, which is available between the hours of 5 AM-6 PM PST Monday–Friday and between the hours of 6 AM-6 PM PST on Saturday and Sunday.

    *. Email: [email protected]

    *. Call: Dial 1-877-443-1399 (toll-free in the U.S.)

    *. Facebook: @RiaFinancialServices

    *. Twitter: @RiaFinancial

    *. Instagram: @riamoneytransfer

    *. Contact Form: If you have any question, you can make use of the Contact form, and enter your name, and other details, then tap on SUBMIT.

    Anyways, if the RIA money transfer customer service options concerning PAYMENT isn’t working effectively, you can easily visit your bank customer service, such as First bank, which is [email protected] or you can call 019057125, 019057144, 019057122, 019057142. This is the bank’s Money Transfer Department.

    RIA Money Transfer Customer Service

    RIA Money Transfer FAQs

    How do I unlock my account?

    Answer: Please call our Customer Service team at 1-877-443-1399 and they will be happy to help you.

    If your account has been locked for security reasons, please call our Consumer Protection team at 1-866-470-4389 (toll-free in the U.S.) and they will help you unlock your account.

    I forgot my password. How can I access my account?

    Sorry to hear that! Reset your password here then you’ll be able to log in to your account. If you have any trouble, our Customer Service team is happy to help tel:+1-877-443-1399 (toll free in the U.S.)

    Why has my account been locked?

    The incorrect password may have been entered too many times, or, it’s been locked for security reasons. We will gladly help you unlock your account! Please call our Customer Service team at tel:+1-877-443-1399 (toll-free in the U.S.)

    What payment methods can I use?

    You can securely send money using your:

    a. Debit card: Using a debit card to pay for your transfer may require a fee but the money usually arrives within 15 minutes.
    b. Credit card: Using a credit card to pay for your transfer may require a fee but the money usually arrives within 15 minutes. Keep in mind that your credit card company may charge you a cash advance fee. To find out whether you might be charged a cash advance fee, please contact your credit card issuer.
    c. Bank account: Using a bank account to pay for your transfer is usually the least expensive option but may take up to 4 business days for the money to arrive. You will need to know your routing and bank account number and complete our easy bank account confirmation process.
    d. Cash: You can pay with cash by visiting one of our stores. Use our Find a Location tool to find the Ria location closest to you.

    How do I cancel my money transfer?

    Log in to your account and view your recent orders. Click “Cancel” next to the order you want to cancel. Fill out the details and submit.

    Enjoy using RIA money transfer, receive money from your friends, family member living outside the country to Nigeria. The good thing is that, you can withdraw the money cash or send it to your bank account easily.