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Will you Allow Robots to take over your Health Problems?

    robots machine to perform medically assistant

    It is quite surprising that Technology are taking over very fast and speed rate is alarming. It is okay for a robots to perform house chores, go errands, be a sex doll, computer engineering, war army and the rest but…

    But the Idea of becoming a Doctor, Surgeon or a Pharmacist to prescribing your dose, is it normal? To me, technology is Computer Generated Codes which might go off and insane at anytime. Well, what more?

    The current applications for AI tech include a myriad of tools that are going to revolutionize medicine, mental health, and physical therapy.

    The data we collect with artificial intelligence will empower people to take control of their own mental and physical health. Machine-learning can and should replace traditional patient treatment methods.

    robots replaces doctors

    The Stanford University AI Lab has been making the tech-site rounds with ‘Woebot‘ a new offering that uses Facebook messenger to check in with patients. It asks questions and plays games until it has collected enough data to make treatment suggestions.

    What are your Suggestion?

    Source: TNW