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How to Root,Change IMEI & Install TWRP Recovery on Tecno Camon C8

    It is no longer news that the Tecno Camon C8 from the top Mobile Phones Producers “Tecno” now has a Rooting method that is currently available including the download.

    The Tecno Camon C8 Android Smartphone is one of the best Smartphone from Tecno including the BOOM J8 Smartphone. But today, we are going to share with you the Rooting Method for Tecno C8.

    After Tecno Introduce the Android Marshawallow 6.0 for Tecno Camon C8, the rooting method has been unveiled for C8.It is simple, easy and understandable, all you have to do is to follow the given the steps.

    We are not only going to show the steps for rooting only, but we will also do well by sharing with you, how you can Change & Install TWRP Recovery Tecno Camon C8 Android Phone.

    change imei tecno c8

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    Step by Steps Guidelines on How to Root Your Tecno Camon C8 Android Device

    We will be starting from Rooting Guide for Tecno C8, which includes more than 2 steps. Please be much aware to back up your Phone because FB will not be responsible for any damage made for your phone. Lets continue:-

    First Method:-

    i. Just Download this zip file here and (it contains SU)
    ii. Now Copy/Move file to SD card.
    iii. After that, Power off your android device.
    iv. Then boot to recovery, to do that hold down Power button + Volume up, (it may differ in other android device running the same chipset)
    v. Proceed by navigating and select Recovery mode (Volume up = Navigate while Volume down = Select)
    vi. Then Navigate and select “Apply update from SD card” (Volume up & down = navigate while Power button = Select)
    vii. After which, you can select zip file you copied/moved to your SD card.
    viii. Then immediately after the update has taken place, it will automatically take you back to Recovery screen.
    ix. Navigate and click Reboot system.
    x. That’s all, after reboot, SU must have been flashed into your device.

    Second Method:-

    i. Firstly, Download SuperSU and move to the internal memory of your device.

    ii.  Boot your Tecno Camon device to recovery mode by Pressing and hold Volume Down and Power buttons.

    iii. From the recovery menu, click on install and locate the SuperSU zipped file you transferred to the internal memory of your device, and then install it.

    iv. After success in flashing both files, go back to recovery menu and Reboot your device. After that, you can download Root checker to confirm it.

    Third Method:-

    There is actually nothing much to say here. All you have to do is to Download the Latest the Kingroot Application because it helps to Root Stubborn Android Smartphone such as Tecno C8.

    It is not just stubborn phones but it is also known for rooting all OTHER MT67*** CHIPSETS. So after trying the two above best Method, you can go ahead and Download KingRoot 4.1 version and Unzip it.

    After Downloading and Installing the latest Kingroot 4.1 version, then you Unzip it with Unzip apps. Then you will see a simple guide  on how you can Root your Tecno Camon C8.

    After you have to successfully rooted your Phone, please Download the root checker from Playstore install twrp on tecno camon c8to confirmed.


    How to Change Your Tecno Camon C8 IMEI

    As we all know that Changing or Tweaking of Imei is not allowed worldwide, so we are pleading with you that we will not be held responsible for any kind of damage done your phone and it has been working for other smartphone, maybe it may brick your smartphone for a while. Lets continue:-

    But before we move forward, do you have a Blackberry IMEI? If you don’t have then read more below on how to download Blackberry IMEI but if you have then JUMP to the next segment of the post.

    How To Generate Blackberry IMEI

    You can Windows or PC to do this. We have included the steps for both PC and Smartphone.

    FOR PC;-

    i. On your PC, Download IMEI Generator.
    ii. Unzip the software and copy and paste the three .sys files inside a
    folder on your C:Windows folder
    iii. Just right click on GIPv4.1 to run the file as administrator.
    5. Now tap on generate imei. Copy all the blackberry imei number you see there without the pin UNLESS you want to use it for another purpose.

    FOR Smartphone

    i. On your Phone, Download BBgen HERE or HERE.
    ii. After Download, just Install and start generating Imei. Goodluck… Now lets get started.

    How to Change IMEI

    a. Firstly, Download and install MTK engineering mode via Google Play store
    b. Now Open and click on MTK Settings
    c. Then goto connectivity
    d. Just select CDS information
    e. Choose Radio Information
    f. Choose either Phone 1 or 2
    Phone 1: “AT+ EGMR=1,7,”YOUR NEW IMEI NO”
    Phone 2: “AT+ EGMR=1,10,”YOUR NEW IMEI NO”
    g. Then Press the “Send At Command” (You should receive a message that your ‘AT command sent)
    h. Now Reboot and dial *#06# to confirm your new IMEI.

    N/B:- Please ensure that you don’t give a space in between AT+ and EGMR.

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    mtn stops free calls

    Incremental OTA updates after flashing SU may affect your device so do not update your device unless its an update that requires your to change ROMs and that should be done only if there are available ROMs to flash into your device.

    Step by Step Guide on How to Install TWRP Recovery to Tecno Camon C8

    #1. Download the Recovery FILE HERE. or HERE.

    #2. Now extract the “Recovery.img” and “MT6735_Android_Scatter.txt” file to the desktop screen of your computer.

    #3. Download the Tecno USB drivers, and install on your PC and off your device, and remove the battery.

    #4. Download the SP Flash tool HERE and extract the files to your computer. You should get the following files as seen below, after extraction.

    #5. Open Flash_tool.exe from already extracted files.

    #6. After launching the Flash tool, click on the download/upgrade tab and click on scatter loading button.

    #7. Locate the “MT6735_Android_Scatter.txt” file, which is on your desktop.

    #8. Then Click on download to begin flashing process.

    #9. (Without battery) connect your device to your computer via USB cable, and press Volume Down or up key, so it would be detected easily by your computer.

    #10. The Flashing process would be in progress, and a Green button would appear once the process is completed.

    Please, if you encounter any problem, you can make use of the comment box below. We will definitely help you.