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Safer Internet Day – Tips on how to Stay Safe on the Internet

    During the Safer Internet Day celebration, Google updates everyone on how their behaviors on the internet should be like, all this are precaution, in order to remain safe on the internet.

    On Tuesday, February 6 is Safer Internet Day (SID), providing a great opportunity to help promote a more positive use of the web, especially for children and adult too are not exempted. Below are the tips of being safe;

    safer internet day

    *. Using a long, unique password made up of numbers, letters, and symbols on all devices and accounts.
    *. Not sending passwords via email.
    *. Setting up password recovery options and keeping them up-to-date.
    *. Avoiding scams – don’t reply if you see a suspicious email.
    *. Reporting and flagging content that is abusive or illegal.
    *. 2-step Verification – Enabling 2-step verification after creating a password for your Google Account and other accounts that allow 2-factor authentication.
    *. Incognito mode in Chrome – Incognito mode allows you to access web pages and files without any record in your browsing or download history, letting you browse the web in private.
    *. Google Account Settings – On your Account settings page, you can see services and information associated with your Google Account and change your security and privacy settings.

    Always Stay Safe on internet. Always have good pass code management, this step is very vital to have a standard password set and also use two-factor authentication where you can.