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Have you seen the ad video from Samsung that is trending?

    Well, the Korean Giant, Samsung Mobile are known for making good and wonderful gadgets and many others but do you realize they can display some commercial video in form of ad to ditch their competitor?

    Oh yea, now you know. But it is NOT always Samsung doing it, Apple also does theirs but right now, the recent trending video ad from Samsung is already destroying Apple.

    Are you a Samsung/Android fan or Apple Fan? Take a look at the video and tell us, does it worth it?

    The videos shows, iPhones running out of space over the years, and Apple continuing to use a “small” 4-inch panel for the iPhone 5S while Samsung Note 3 comes with 5.5-inch display.

    Not just there, 2016 mocks the waterproof feature on the Galaxy series, while the iPhone sits in a bowl of rice. At last, Samsung’s commercial sees the iPhone addict switch to a Galaxy Note 8 as people line up for the new iPhone X with top notch haircuts.

    That Haircut Tho?