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Samsung Internet Browser now available to other Android

    Introducing to you (Non-Samsung user) is the Internet Browser from Samsung Mobile that is now available to everyone on Android 5.0 and above.

    At first, the browser was only supported by ONLY Samsung Phones but luck has been extended probably, the grace.

    One thing that people love about this Samsung Browser is the ability to block unwanted content. It is secure, private and optimized mobile web browser from Samsung.

    samsung internet browser
    Image Source: Androidpolice

    Well, what are you actually looking for? You have the following at your finger tips;

    – Amazon Shopping Assistant
    – Video Assistant
    – 360 Video
    – Virtual Reality.
    – Web Payments
    – CloseBy
    – QR code scanner
    – Tab Swipe
    – Quick Menu
    – Content Blocker Status UI
    – DeX desktop experience
    – Progressive Web App indication badge
    – Web engine is upgraded to Chromium 51.2704

    A user on Google Playstore dislikes the Logo;

    ” I don’t like the Saturn icon, we’re not on Saturn we’re on earth. I dont like the blank background…”

    Well, to me it doesn’t matter.

    samsung internet browser

    How to Download

    Not every Android device can run the Samsung Internet Browser. On Google Play store, some Phones are acclaimed to be Supported, but unfortunately it is not, hey don’t worry, you can still get it on ApkMirror.  google play store
    or you download from ApkMirror.

    There have been rumors that Google is working on an ad blocker of its own for Chrome on Android. NOT CONFIRMED! Just take it as a Pinch of Salt. Stay Updated!