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Samsung might fuse Galaxy S-series and Galaxy Note series into one single series

    The South Korea tech giant, Samsung could do this as early as next year. This is about the intriguing plans of merging the both Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lineups in 2020.

    Samsung are known for unveiling stunning Smartphones with certain specs improvement to the cameras aspect and the body design panel. And they have seen the increased in shipment of phones.

    And this Samsung Smartphones are categorized in different series, starting from the Galaxy Note series, S-series, A-series, Flip-phones, J-series, new M-series, and the new Foldable phones that might turn into another major series.

    For starters, the Samsung Galaxy S-series and Galaxy Note series are pretty much the same device with identical specifications and features. The only major difference is the availability of S-pen.

    Where the Galaxy Note series arrives with S-pen and the Galaxy S-series do not. But this time around, the company are planning on fusing the both series into one powerful ultimate series!

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus

    If you are wondering, this is coming from @evleaks reports, where he suggested that the Samsung could name the upcoming Galaxy S11 smartphone as ‘Galaxy One’ and this time around with S-Pen support.

    Assuming Samsung goes through with this, the Galaxy S-Series smartphone with an S-Pen might come handy for the first half of the year and a Foldable phone for the second half of the year.

    Henceforth, filling the vacancy left by the Note lineup. However, the possibility of Samsung blending or joining the both series is still yet unsure, you are advised to take this info as a pinch of salt.