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“In 12minutes, your phone will be fully charged” Samsung says

    Samsung Mobile is taking it to another stage when it comes to innovations. This time around the Biggest Producers and Distributors of AMLOED Screen aren’t here because of their upcoming phones.

    In the news today, Samsung is planning on going head to head with the new charging method! Current lithium-ion batteries take an hour to fully charge but this will be reduced to 12 minutes with the new tech, Samsung said.

    samsung phone charging

    One features everyone loves in a gadget is the ability to charge fast and also stay on guard for a very long time especially Nigerians, will definitely understand the struggle!

    Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) announced on Tuesday that it has developed a battery technology that can fast-charge mobile devices and electric vehicles faster than ever before.

    Samsung has successful synthesized a “graphene ball” that can be used in lithium-ion batteries. It makes the batteries last longer and charge much faster. They also added that using graphene ball material to make batteries will increase their capacity by 45 percent and increase their charging speed by five times.

    In 12 minutes, my battery is going to be fully charged? I really can’t wait to test the experiment!