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New Samsung’s Hand Wash app tracks your daily wash routine on Galaxy Watch

    The South Korean tech giant, Samsung added the ‘Hand Wash’ app for Galaxy Watch to keep you healthy and safe from the virus outbreak. These companies have definitely been supportive in a few areas of concern.

    Smartphone giants such as Apple, Samsung and Search engine giant, Google has contributed a lot to the appalling pandemic that apparently controls the ways of living our lives currently.

    A few days ago, Google also added a similar feature to Wear OS, which reminds you to watch your hands. And today, Google has started listing COVID-19 testing centers in search results.

    Anyways, we are all aware that the importance of washing one’s hand will reduce the high risk of contracting the virus. In respect to that, Samsung’s new app called Hand Wash App for Galaxy Watch will gladly be of assistant to that.

    Samsung noted the fact that this app might not really be useful, as you can recall the BirthdayChallenge, where celebrities singing ‘Happy Birthday’ song twice while washing their hands to reach the 20seconds goal mark.

    Probably, you can easily look for songs that last 20seconds for your own timer during the washing of hands, but Samsung said you ‘might’ forget this song, that is why the new Galaxy Watch app will keep you on time.

    Samsung announces hand wash app to galaxy watch

    The company’s developers such as Samsung Research Institute-Bangalore, or SRI-B’s UX and wearable teams joined hands to develop the app, as we see today.

    How does it work

    Similar to others, the Hand Wash app follows the WHO recommendations, which reminds its users periodically to wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds.

    The Hand Wash app offers long term tracking of users’ daily hand wash habits, helping users to build healthier habits over time. The app offers a ’25-second timer for hand-washing’ 5secs for applying soaps and 20secs for the actual washing of your hands underwater.

    It is totally different from Google’s timer for Wear OS, where it counts down from 40 seconds. However, after the Hand Wash app is done, it will provide haptic feedback.

    Another interesting feature, the watch will also give a reminder for when a user missed their hand wash and also in the watch face, it will show how much time has elapsed since the last hand wash.

    If you are interested in keeping your health safe at these hard times, it is important to for Galaxy Watch users to install the “Hand Wash” app from the Galaxy Store. It is currently available in India and the US.

    Source: News Samsung