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Successful Tips on How to Preserve Data on Android Smartphone

    We have always searched through Google looking for ways on how to Conserve Data On our Android Smartphone and it is very disturbing that we continue to use and see our data being drained like water, even when you are not keys.

    This is the main problem of Android smartphone, consuming battery and data has always been the talk of Android but today, we will make it to be a former, only if you can follow the below outlined steps carefully.

    Successful Tips on How to Preserve Data on Android Smartphone

    How to Conserve Data On Your Android Phone

    Yes, all you have to do is to please read this published post carefully, and see how you can atleast, save data and conserve data on your Android Phone.

    *. Un-install OperaMini and UC Browser:- Yea, this is really strange and very hard to do but do you know that this two above browser run 4times more than what a normal browser run in the background. Opera mini is advisable to use. So please uninstall and ignore this browser and watch yourself, as you conserve data.\

    *. Try as Much to Always Use WI-FI:- This steps has work for so many. Anytime you are out for a treck or a tour, and your smartphone start searching WI-FI, don’t even hesitate or contemplating. all you have to do is to connect and start using, provided that it is not password locked. This helps alot.

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    *. Un-install Facebook App:- This is hard but you have to choose between your Facebook and your data consuming like mad, which you have to choose. This deleting Facebook app works alot for this type of problem but if you refuse then, you can try another step.

    *. Restrict Your Background Data:- This is one of the best way to trampled on this kind of trouble but… no notifications again both on whatsapp, BBM, 2go and the rest.

    Successful Tips on How to Preserve Data on Android Smartphone

    *. Un-install Auto-Updating App:- Some apps are good at updating themselves when ever you turn on your data. This can be very annoying so the best thing would be to uninstall them.