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Scientist can now read your Emotions with this Machine! Weird News

    Scientist are claiming to know much about Humans to the extent of arriving to a stage of proving that they can read Human Emotion.

    Of course, Scientist has done a lot of good stuffs to our Human Race but the aspect of reading emotions is quite unbelievable and some may like or hate but anyways, we will all see the end of this.

    I won’t be surprised if you did open your mouth with all curiosity or your eyes to see this. Firstly, let me introduce to you, EQ-Radio that can identify emotions using radio signals from a wireless router whether or not a person is speaking or showing their emotions with facial expressions.

    emotions from wikipedia

    This is an emotion detection systems that use machine learning algorithms and deep learning networks to identify the emotion a person is experiencing from their facial expressions, the words they use and the way their voice sounds.

    Now, a research group at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) also known as Scientist are eventually using Wi-Fi and AI to determine your emotional state!

    The EQ-Radio is composed of three elements. An RF radio emits low-frequency radio waves and captures their reflections from objects in the environment.

    An algorithm operates on the captured waves, separating heartbeat and respiration information, and measuring the interval between heartbeats. Finally, the heartbeat and respiration information is fed into a machine-learning classifier that maps it onto emotional states.

    How Do This Read the Emotions?

    We are going to make it short and Understandable. Firstly, there is the Capturing of the heartbeat, our breathing may detect what will are trying to feel.\

    Now after that, it will begin Identifying the emotion, don’t get it twisted, The four quadrants of the space are then loosely associated with different emotional categories.
    – “Anger” (upper-left quadrant) is characterized as a high-arousal negative emotion;
    – “sadness” (lower-left quadrant) is low-arousal and negative,
    – “joy” (upper-right quadrant) is high-arousal and positive, and
    – “pleasure” (lower-right quadrant) is low-arousal and positive.

    This is what the Machine will try to calculate and getting the information accurately is nothing attain to simple. Maybe, this video might help you;

    The ability of EQ-Radio to accurately capture the heartbeat signal was tested by comparing its performance against ECG (Electrocardiogram) data gathered through sensors connected to a participant’s body.

    After the AI receives the information it gained, immediately, it begins the procession differently than a standard EKG. When a person is physically connected to a machine, the size and shape of the wavelengths that the computer expects to recieve can be anticipated.

    Without that tether, EQ Radio can’t make assumptions about your heartbeat. Your position, the size of the room, and a lot of other factors could, essentially, muffle your heartbeat. The AI gets a sense of what’s going on and then makes determinations about your heartbeat that allow it to provide accurate context to your emotions.