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You can now Share all Files on Whatsapp on Android, iOS and Windows

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    Finally, Whatsapp has finalized and introduced to us, the new thing! At first, for those using Whatsapp, we were only enabled to share PDFs files but right now, everything has changed!What do you want to share? Is it Apk file, Photos, Pdfs, Document, .txt, Videos and many others. Right now, you can do it much better with Whatsapp!

    However, sources noted that the feature is enabled for a user then they will be able to share all file types on the platform, but adds that the maximum file size will still be 128MB for iOS and 100MB for Android.

    The file sharing option is also available for WhatsApp Web, but the file sharing limit is set at a maximum of 64MB.

    Anyway, another sweet benefits is that it allows you to send images and video without the usual WhatsApp compression, although 100MB is quite a small limit for modern high-resolution video.

    Well, according to reports from WEBetaInfo, the feature is rolling out very slowly, meaning that it could take a while before all billion-plus WhatsApp users get their hands on new file-sharing capabilities. The feature will be remotely enabled in 2.17.30+ of the app

    Meanwhile in another WhatsApp related development, which is specifically related to India, the company is reportedly in talks with SBI bank to add bank-to-bank transfers via UPI (Unified Payments Interface).