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Signs That You Are Meant to be a Professional Writer

    As an aspiring writer, it is natural to have conflicting doubts arise in one’s mind about whether one is genuinely meant to be a writer or not.

    If you can relate, then you are here at the right place. We have made a list of signs that will point toward the direction that you are carved out to be a professional writer.

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    You Carry a Notebook Everywhere

    Usually, people who are meant to be writers carry their pen and notebook literally everywhere. They wake up with it – jotting down the dream they had last night, carrying it to the breakfast table, and taking it to the bus when they are headed out to work or school.

    Resultantly, they tend to lose their pen so much more often than they might lose their keys and parking tickets. As an aspiring writer, you know you can find content anywhere and everywhere, making your notebook and pen your favorite choice of the arsenal.

    You Are Highly Imaginative

    Writers are highly imaginative and creative. With that said, how many times have you run reels of movie scenes in your mind – solely created by your overly imaginative brain cells? Also, have you ever found yourself taking a piece of conversation that you had during the day or a few days before – and replaying the snippets of dialogue in your mind with different outcomes?

    During a conversation, have you ever found yourself zoning out and imagining how the conversation could go differently if you were to have said or done things differently? If yes, then this is just another sign that you are meant to write stories by taking inspiration from real-life examples.

    You also tend to be the master of doodling – you cannot sit still. In your free time, you immerse yourself in scribbled artwork – playing with words – even making up your own words and thinking about how to include those words in your next written piece.

    You are Researching Publication Methods

    As an aspiring writer who wants to publish a novel soon – you might be making serious plans to release your book one day. You might be doing your research and assessing your options for publishing your book.

    You might as well have researched self-publication vs. traditional publishing and decided on one or the other. You might have even completed your manuscript and checked it and edited it with the best tools, such as Grammarly review.

    You get the point – if you have something happening for you, then you are typically leaving no stone unturned to turn your life around to the goal. If becoming a published author is your ultimate goal, then you might already have a knobby callus on your fingers – from all the writing, of course.

    You Are a Master Procrastinator

    The thing about aspiring writers is that they keep waiting for the perfect day to start writing. If this sounds like you, then there is a great chance that you have the perfect story in your mind that you want to share with your ideal readers – but – the only thing that might be holding you back is procrastination.

    You know precisely how to avoid writing – despite that, you want to – but writing is a challenging job that requires dedication and consistency. Whenever you might be sitting down to write, you might start planning what you want for dinner.

    Or – you might give in to the urge of calling your best friend and telling them about the exciting things you are about to write. But – the moment the conversation is over, you still somehow cannot bring yourself to write, and you find another thing to do – just to avoid the writing game.

    Nonetheless – the good news is that procrastination doesn’t mean that you will never be able to get your story about. Even the best writers are guilty of procrastinating.

    The only important thing is for you to be excited about the story. Believe us – your readers will always be able to tell whether you were passionate about the book or not. Also, you will want to set up a dedicated writing space that will have no distractions.

    Then you will want to proceed to write religiously for a few hours every day – till the first manuscript of your book is out. Don’t forget to hire one of the best editors to help you with polishing your book before you send it out for publication.

    You Are Curious by Nature

    Curiosity is the foundation of creative flow. Curious people love to know more about people, things, and life in general. With that said, by nature – most writers are curious. Even in the simplest stories, we always get the complete picture of the underlying motives of the characters.

    As an aspiring writer, you might relate to the fact that you always want to know more about how people’s minds work. You might be good at picking up on non-verbal cues, such as body language and facial expressions during a conversation.

    You are also curious to know why people reacted the way they reacted in any given situation. You can also perfectly guess how people would react in any given situation. If you can relate, then there is also a great chance that you are the mediator between people as you know how to say things and change the course of action to prevent fights.

    You get the point – curiosity is critical in writing. And if you are curious by nature, you are meant to become a writer. You also do not hesitate to ask questions as your mind simply doesn’t accept how things are on the surface.

    You strive to break the surface reality and peel the layers off – one after another – to get to the darker realms of the unknown.

    The Takeaway

    As an aspiring writer, you are not afraid of your own emotions and the emotions of others. Your notebook might be filled with witty remarks. Writing fills you with utter joy – and you cannot wait to get your book published.

    If you can relate to all the signs mentioned above, then you shouldn’t waste a minute but start working wholeheartedly on your book.