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You can Turn Any Live Location to a background image on your phone with this Android app

    live locationAmong other many Android apps around the globe, this Android app called Skyline seems to be intriguing. Do you have an Android Smartphone? Then, I really think this app is suitable for you.

    You can Turn Any Location Into an Interactive Google Earth-Style Wallpaper with this Skyline Android app. It automatically turns your current location into your wallpaper.

    How does it works? Skyline uses 3D terrain data from Mapbox to show either your current location or specific coordinates to create wallpapers in full detail.

    This new Android app can take your current location and turn it into the background image on your phone. It’s available now for $1.99 on Google Play.

    One gorgeous thing is that, the app can shift the image when you unlock your phone or swipe through your launcher pages, and it features a parallax effect that’s visible when you tilt your phone.

    Skyline, which was created by independent developer Justin Fincher, uses satellite and aerial photos to create interactive images of any location. That means when you swipe your phone to move between pages the image will shift slightly. It also slides as you rotate the device to create a sense of depth.