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Splitwise app allows you to split expenses with friends and groups

    Splitwise is a free Android and iOS application that allows you to split expenses/costs with friends, pretty much on almost everything.

    It is quite understandable when you are in between the tasks of splitting expenses with your friend, and trying to know the amount he/she owes you.

    This is where, Splitwise comes in. Giving you the ultimate platform to split the costs of almost everything you both are into. Starting from the dogs food, house rent, internet bills, grocery, brunch, utilities, rent, movies and many others.

    Anyways, fret no more when using your Smartphone to calculate the expenses with your roommates or friends. As Splitwise will do the math for you.

    Who are Splitwise?

    Splitwise is a free app that allows consumers to split expenses with friends. And it allows you to keep track of who you owed and who owes you also.

    The Splitwise app is only usable when you are meant to split expenses and costs with your friends, roommates and with anyone. This is when they come into play.

    Splitwise ensures that anyone who pays is reimbursed the correct amount and with a minimal number of transactions. Instead of having that money issue discussion with friends, you can easily send an email notification when a bill is due and the app allows users to send an IOU to someone else in the group.

    splitwise expenses

    Split app

    Like already aforementioned, the app version is available on Android, Web and iOS device. You can easily download the app from your phone’s app store.

    To download the Split app on your Android, iOS or Web use, then you can either use the direct link or signup via the Splitwise’s official website, and they will redirects you to the download page:

    For Android Smartphone – Download From Google Playstore HERE.

    For iOS iPhone, iPad – Download From itunes HERE.

    For Web – Download from MicroSoft HERE.

    After you must have successfully downloaded and installed the app on your device, you can go ahead and launch the app and either register or Log in if you are already a registered user.

    For old time users, please kindly enter your email address and password. While on the other end, if want to register, enter your email ID and strong password combination.

    Benefits of Using Splitwise

    One of the primary benefits of using Splitwise, is to split the expenses between you and your friend, but they are numerous features and benefits of using this app:

    *. You can easily add contacts to Split and share Bills, Expenses and IOUs.
    *. You can use Phone number or email ID to add contacts on Splitwise.
    *. You can create groups to share common expenses and regular expense among all the Group members.
    *. You can see the exact amount you owe and the amount you are owed and a total balance.
    *. You can quickly access contacts and groups to share and split quickly.
    *. You can monitor each and every split activity from the Activity tab.
    *. You can maintain your personal profile as professional profile.
    *. You can send friendly reminders to your friends that owes you money.


    How do I Use Splitwise?

    If you are yearning to use the Splitwise, but still don’t understand the step by steps guidelines on how to use it, then search no more, as we will provide you the exact details in full:

    1. Download the app and create your preferred accounts. And choose either Add Your Apartment or Add a Group Trip or choose I’ll Do This Later.

    2. Add a Friend On Splitwise: This can be done by using the Add Friends On SplitWise option or ‘+‘ button.

    Note: If your friends are already using Splitwise, then you can simply add them from your Contacts list.

    How To Split bill expenses with a Friend/Group

    This is quite the most important section and segment of all. Learning how to use Splitwise to split bill with friends and groups:

    1. Launch the application and click on the ‘+’ button at the center of the bottom menu bar and enter the names of friends you want to share the expense or bill.

    a. If it is with a group, then select the group from the list displayed or search for the group that you have created.

    2. In order to make the bill splitting clearer, you are advised to provide a bit of information about what the bill is or who paid the bill. E.g For groceries, John paid $50, I owe him $25.

    3. After that, click on the “Paid by you and split equally” option to enable advanced options where you can select if you are owed or you owe to your friend or both owe equally so as to split the bill equally and also who paid the bill and click on SAVE button on the top right corner.

    4. Go to the Activity menu and check the complete bill split activity that you are involved in. this is especially when you are concerned or confused with too many bill shares.

    After noticing that, you are expected to comment on the bill that you do not owe or trouble recalling the expense date or event and let you friend know that you don’t not owe that particular expense and help him update the Split.

    5. To make edit in the bill split, maybe to remove friends, or change amount, go ahead and click on the Split from the Activity menu and edit the Split, change the amount or add and remove friends.

    Splitwise primarily makes money through the use of occasional advertisements and through its paid subscription upgrade service, called Splitwise Pro.

    Splitwise is just the best app right now for splitting bills with my friends in Nigeria. Well, understand Splitwise uses either Venmo or PayPal to reimburse its payment method.