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StarTimes Kenya Bouquet Packages Channels Prices – How to Pay

    StarTimes is one of a kind! With so much cheap prices and many more attached to it, today, we will be reviewing one of the best Kenya HD decoder alongside with the Channels List, Price and how to Pay!

    Introducing to you is StarTimes Decoder! To those that doesn’t knew a thing about them, give me the privileged of providing you its short brief History:

    The Pay TV company has its roots in china. It was founded in Beijing in 1988 and has over 9 million subscribers all over the world. Star Times is one of the companies that offer Pay TV in Kenya.startimes digital TV

    Startimes Kenya channels list like GoTV, is a variety of blended entertainment, news, sports and documentary channels. They were among the pay-TV companies that entered the Kenyan market after serious deciding to switch to digital platforms was made. The company offers both pay and Free to Air (FTA) set top boxes.

    The StarTimes Kenya HD decoder is among the cheapest in the market. Other benefits of choosing StarTimes Kenya include Free after sales service, a 1 year warranty and quality customer support through their 365 day call center.

    The FTA set top boxes do not accrue monthly subscriptions charges. Subscribers are only expected to pay once after which they can access all local TV and radio stations.

    However, you get the pay-TV services once your set top box is installed. Monthly charges vary as there are several bouquets. The higher the charges, the higher the number of channels you access. You can convert any pay-TV bouquet into FTA at a fee.

    The StarTimes Kenya digital pay TV provider has all of the basic entertainment. Catch the latest news, sports and African movies. Get lots of world-class channels that provide sports, music, movies and spiritual content. There are Free-to-air channels and documentaries on StarTimes as well.

    StarTimes tv

    StarTimes Kenya packages

    They are divided into two:

    *. DDT (Digital Terrestrial Technology) Bouquet and
    *. DTH (Direct to Home) Bouquet. DDT bouquet operates under a terrestrial platform while DTH runs on a satellite platform.

    startimes channels packages

    StarTimes introduced the HD Combo decoder that can receive both DDT and DTH signals. The decoder retails at Ksh. 1,999. It comes with a free one-month DTH Super Bouquet and one month DTH Unique Bouquet.

    You can get a StarTimes DVB-T2 set-top box for pay-TV or FTA StarTimes packages.

    startimes decoder

    StarTimes Payment Methods

    StarTimes offers various different payment options. You can make payments via:

    a. M-Pesa (Business No: 585858)
    b. Airtel Money (Business name: Startimes)
    c. Orange Money (Business No: 585858)
    d. ipay and various banks.
    e. MTN Mobile Money

    StarTimes Kenya Payment via Mpesa Paybill Number

    *. Choose M-PESA on your phone
    *. Select Pay Bill
    *. Enter 585858 as the StarTimes Kenya Business Number
    *. Your StarTimes Smart Card Number is the Account Number
    *. Enter the Amount to pay
    *. Confirm that all the details are correct, then Send.
    *. Wait for a transaction confirmation SMS from M-PESA.

    StarTimes Kenya Payment Via Airtel Money

    StarTimes Customers can pay for their TV Time monthly subscription using the Airtel Money Service which only applies to Customers having Airtel Phone Numbers and are already Registered to the Airtel Money Service

    *. Choose on the Airtel Money Menu on your phone
    *. Select on Make payments option
    *. Choose on Pay bill
    *. Then go to OTHER option
    *. From OTHER option section, choose on STARTIMES
    *. Then Enter the Amount to Pay in kshs i.e. 1000
    *. Click Send option
    *. After that input your PIN ***
    *. Then input your Reference which is your Smart Card Numberi.e. 02101985303(11 digits)
    *. Finally, you will receive a transaction Message showing your available balance i.e. TransID 10012002 3003. Startimes Your Available balance is 1000 KES.

    StarTimes Kenya Payment Via Orange Money

    To pay your subscription via Orange money, kindly follow the steps outlined below:

    *. Go to; Customer access Orange Money and select “Payments”.
    *. Enter Star Times Media Business Number (585858).
    *. Enter Bill Reference Number (Smart Card No.).
    *. Input amount to be paid.
    *. Confirm request and select send


    StarTimes Kenya Payment Via MTN Mobile Money

    *. Go to MTN Menu on your phone
    *. Go to Mobile Money
    *. Go to Pay Bill
    *. Select Star Times
    *. Put in your Smart Card Number
    *. Clarify the amount of money you want to pay
    *. Put in your MM Pin number.

    StarTimes Kenya Payment Via YUCash Subscribers

    *. Go to your yuCash Menu on your phone
    *. Select Send Money Option
    *. Enter 102020as the business number
    *. Enter the total amount to send as directed by the merchant
    *. Enter your StarTimes Account Number (starting with ‘st’)
    *. e.g if your Account number is 54321, then please enter st54321as the message
    *. Enter your PIN and then send
    *. You will receive a transaction confirmation SMS from yuCash
    *. You will also receive a complimentary confirmation SMS from StarTimes

    Wait for a confirmation massage, The confirmation massage contains a transaction ID, in case your transaction went to a wrong account the transaction ID is used to find the Wrong account.

    Guides in Buying StarTimes Decoder

    Literally, there are two options while buying Startimes decoder. You can buy one that you have to pay on a monthly startimes subscription or star times decoder that does not accrue monthly subscription charges.

    Although, you can also switch from startimes decoder that accrue monthly subscription charges to Free to Air option. Before you do that, you will have to convert from Pay TV to free to air will attract a fee of Ksh 3400.

    This is done through the convert bouquet. However, these prices change a lot and you can always confirm them at startimes website.

    StarTimes Kenya decoder

    StarTimes antennas prices

    a. Antenna + 10m Cable = Ksh1400
    b. The antenna + 15m Cable = Ksh1600
    c. Antenna + 20m Cable = Ksh1800

    Key Customer Care Contacts

    A. Tel: +254719 077 077, +254719 077 000

    B. Email: Inquiries: [email protected]

    C. Before purchase: [email protected]

    D. After sales: [email protected]

    E. Address is Victoria Towers, ground floor, Upper Hill, Nairobi

    F. The Startimes Self Service:

    G. Startimes Website:


    1. What is my StarTimes account number?

    Answer: Your account number is; The first eleven digits on the smart card which are indicated just under the bar code.

    2. What is the StarTimes Business Number?
    – Our Business Number is 585858

    3. Does the change of bouquet happen automatically after I send money for a specific bouquet i.e Kes 500 for Basic, Kes 149 for Nyota, Kes 999 for Classic and Kes 1499 for Unique?

    – The change of bouquet does not happen automatically and thus you are required to dial *858#, select option 4 and follow the prompts.
    – Alternatively, you can contact via our hotline number 0719 077 077 and we’ll change it for you.

    4. I have not used my decoder for quite some time now. I would like to know if I will be charged for the months that I have not being paying for.

    – StarTimes is a prepaid service and does not accumulate debts. In precise you pay then watch. (In this context, a Pay TV decoder).

    5. Do you have any other payment methods apart from Mpesa?

    Answer: We have various ways of which you can use to pay for your subscription. For example; Airtel Money, Eazzy 24/7, Equity ATMs, Cooperative Bank Mobile Banking, Visa, Yu Cash, Orange Money, I pay and Unipesa.
    – You may also opt to visit either of our Business Halls across the country to make your payment.

    6. I have sent money to 0719077077, what can I do since my account has not been activated?

    Answer: Kindly call Safaricom for a reversal of the money to your M-PESA account since the hotline number does not receive any money directly then resend the money through our business number to your account number (smartcard number)

    7. What is my smartcard number?

    Answer: The smartcard number is the twelve digit number in the white box on the smartcard just under the barcode; Please note to only use the first eleven numbers as your account number.

    8. I have just paid my subscription. for how long am I going to be covered with the amount I sent?

    Answer: If the amount of money you sent is 500 and you are on basic package you will be covered for 30 days.

    9. I have not been around for the last few months and now am back, am I going to be charged for the months I have not been paying for?

    Answer: StarTimes is a prepaid service therefore you watch only when they pay for subscription.
    StarTimes does not accumulate debts so you will pay and then watch

    10. Decoder cannot power ON?

    Answer: Follow the below procedures;
    1. Ensure your power cable is tightly plugged
    2. Ensure the power plug is correctly plugged into the power socket
    3. Ensure the power light in front panel is ON
    If problem persist or if further assistance needed, call our hotline number and a service agent will be assigned to you for further assistance or you can take the decoder to StarTimes business hall nearest to you.

    11. How do I change my package?

    Answer: You can call the call centre for assistance or you can:
    dial *858# go to option change bouquet
    Choose the bouquet

    12. Am not getting the channel list. What do I do?

    Answer: Make sure your Indoor/ external antenna is well connected. You can also change the position of your indoor antenna or increase the height of your outdoor antenna or adjust the antenna till the green light on the decoder is on. If problem persist call any of our hotline numbers and a service agent will be assigned to you for further assistance

    13. Missing some channels

    Answer: Adjust your antenna a little and Embark on AUTOMATIC SEARCH >>> Click on MENU button on your remote control, scroll to SYSTEM SETTINGS and press OK. In the list displayed, scroll to AUTOMATIC SEARCH and use the right arrow key to navigate to the YES and NO option. Select YES and press OK.
    For further assistance call our hotline number and a service agent will assist you.

    If you have any complains, please visit the official website that is aforementioned. Please, FBL is not associated with StarTimes TV!