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Sterling bank app for Android and iPhone – Funds transfer, airtime purchase etc

    Sterling bank app is the customer’s one-stop way to access and enjoy the bank’s features. You can create an account, bills payment, airtime purchase, funds transfer, and you can access the bank with a biometric authentication process.

    Sterling bank slogan is “Your One-Customer Bank” and they are living up to that expectations. One thing is definitely sure, wherever life may take you today, Sterling bank app is ready to go with you.

    Fortunately, the app is available for download on the various operating systems, especially the major OS, Android from Google’s Playstore, and iOS from the Apple iTunes store.

    Sterling bank app features

    Features of Sterling bank app

    Before we get started, you must understand that Sterling bank calls the app “Sterling OnePay” and it is compatible with all of your devices. It offers a lot of mobile experience and all of which, we will try to list out below.

    Regularly, we know that Nigerian commercial bank’s applications allow her customers, not to only access but enjoy amazing and easy banking life from the comfort of your home. But not all the banks can provide that experience.

    1. You can transfer funds easily: One essential feature of the bank is to create an adequate and simple life-style of funds transfer, and yes, Sterling bank is offering more substantial. With their app, you can easily transfer your money/funds to any bank account in Nigeria. It is also possible for USSD and physical banking. You can easily move money from one account to another with ease.

    2. You can check your account balance: Banking in Nigeria has gone way ahead of our expectations, and Sterling bank is also giving its customers that. Instead of going to the bank to check your account balance, or using the USSD mobile banking that will deduct your money later, you can just log in to Sterling bank app and check your balance.

    3. You can pay bills: Oh the QUEUE, I can’t forget that. Instead of standing in a queue, especially at the NEPA office is devastating, you can now use the Sterling app to complete those transactions. From paying for airline tickets, electricity bills, cable & internet subscription, and can also perform QR code for merchant payments.

    4. You can buy airtime: Yes, USSD mobile banking offers this option, but always remember that your network provider charges you for this service, but with Sterling mobile app, you can purchase Airtime for your SIM and at the comfort of your home. And you can also purchase for your friends, relatives and other SIM on any telecoms.

    5. Self-registration: From your home, you can register on the Sterling mobile bank app. Not sure, if the full registration can be completed there, you might need to carry some credentials such as Passports, Identification card to the nearest bank location to complete your registration. It is still awesome tho.

    6. You can locate ATM/Merchant: Sterling bank is calling it ATM/Merchant Locator, as it allows users on the bank app to use the locator to detect the nearest ATM and can also use it to check for the nearest POS merchant. This indirectly means that you really don’t have to wonder where the nearest ATM is or POS merchant is anymore.

    7. You can withdraw cash without debit card: Sincerely, I have never used this feature but Sterling bank is assuring its users and customers that with their Cardless Withdrawal feature on the Sterling bank mobile app, you can search for the closest Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and have access to withdraw cash even without your debit/credit card. There will be no need to run out of cash again.

    8. Recurrent Payment: You can easily initiate your standing order payment and be rest assured your transactions are processed at the set intervals.

    sterling onepay app with KIKI

    How to download Sterling bank app

    As already aforementioned, Sterling bank mobile app is compatible with smartphones running on Android and iOS devices. But we are quite sure that the interface is totally different from each other.

    For Android: To download the app for Android phones, the size is 13M, and requires Android 4.2 and up. You can visit Google’s Playstore from the below image:

    google playstore

    For iPhone: In order to enjoy Sterling’s mobile bank offers on your Apple iPhone, you just have to download and install the Sterling OnePay app. Note that it has 72.5 MB size, and requires iOS 11.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

    itunes play store

    Benefits of using Sterling bank app

    Like other banking apps, the services of Sterling OnePay bank app is still under questions. It offers great service, but you can’t bypass or skip not seeing the low rating reviews on both Google Playstore and Apple iTunes store. Let’s check out the benefits of using the app:

    1. It is safe and secured with authentication options, especially with the biometric sensor that allows customers fingerprint to access their profile. Thereby, saving yourself the stress of storing many passwords,

    2. It reduces fees on USSD mobile banking, allowing users to access the Sterling Bank Online mobile app but only requires an internet connection.

    3. Sterling bank is also touting a personalized feature, allowing you to select your preferred background color and theme. Sterling OnePay has simplified mobile and web payments like never before.

    4. It is easy as every other app on the market. The Sterling mobile bank app is quite easy to use and customers/users can easily navigate the features since the simple interface drops everything on the screen.

    5. It is convenience.

    6. You can chat with Kiki using ChatPay: Kiki will help you answer all your inquiries on the App which include locating a Sterling branch or ATM closest to you, resolving any disputes with no forms, or visit the bank, credit score much more. Relax and let Kiki handle it. Also available in OnePay App.

    Sterling bank app

    In comparison, the Sterling Bank transfer code is quite faster than the bank app, as you require the internet to access the feature. But it reduces money and uses only data, which is definitely profitable.

    With Sterling bank mobile app, OnePay, you can enjoy the convenience of banking through your smartphone or tablet. It offers seamless and secure online and mobile banking technology. It also allows you to manage your money while you’re on the go.