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How to use Sterling bank transfer code to transfer funds to other banks

    It is obviously clear that Sterling Bank of Nigeria is one of the best financial commercial banking systems in Nigeria. Today, we will discuss more sterling bank transfer code!

    Well, it is quite practical to look for good information on the internet concerning a topic. But today, we will provide you the best information about how to transfer money with the Sterling Bank USSD transfer code.

    Before we continue, you should know that Sterling Bank Plc is a full service national commercial bank licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, its headquarters is in Lagos, it was founded on 25 November 1960 and have more than >179 Business Offices, 847 ATMs and still counting.

    What is Sterling Bank Transfer Code

    Transferring money from one bank to another has been hectic in the past but one thing is sure and certain, this type of service has shaped the entire banking system of transferring money.

    With a simple line of USSD bank code, you now have access to several bank features, such as:
    a. Transferring of money from bank to other banks within seconds
    b. Checking account number
    c. Paying utility bills
    d. Open an account and more.

    822 sterling bank transfer code

    According to Sterling bank, they call the USSD code, *822# “the code that works like magic” With so much information, let’s get started on how the *822# Sterling bank transfer code works, and what it can do for you as a customer.

    How to transfer money from sterling bank to others

    To easily transfer funds from Sterling bank to other banks in Nigeria, you have to dial *822*Amount*AccountNumber# – This is how to transfer funds with *822#.

    For instance, you can dial *822*20000*0071234567# to transfer ₦20,000. Follow the prompts to verify details and complete transactions with transaction PIN.

    Sterling bank transfer code Benefits/Features

    *. It is fast
    *. It is easy
    *. It is very convenient to use
    *. It is secure
    *. It is reliable
    *. It provides a seamless banking experience to our customers.
    *. Works on a mobile device without data or internet connection.
    *. Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

    How to register and get pin

    In order for you to conveniently complete any bank transaction processes within 20 seconds, transfer funds to any bank in Nigeria, and other Financial Institutions, you have to learn how to register for the service.

    Before you get started on that, you must learn that you must be an account holder by either creating one from the USSD code or from the nearest bank. As noted by the bank “Customer is required to create transaction PIN for secure transactions”

    You must also make use of the phone number that was used to create the account. Then, you can now learn how to register and create your own transfer pin on Sterling bank to enable you to perform all simple and easy transactions on the Sterling bank.

    To automatically register for the service if you are an account holder by dialing *822*1*NUBAN# OR the system automatically prompts you to register when you try any transaction.

    As part of the registration process, you will be required to create a PIN to enable you to access the Intra and Inter-Bank transfer services on the USSD platform. Corporate account holders are not eligible.

    Sterling bank transfer code *822# services

    *. Open account: Simply dial *822*7# and follow the onscreen prompts.
    *. Airtime recharge
    * Transfers
    *. Bill payments
    *. To check your account number: *822*8#
    *. TO check your Account Balance: *822*6#
    *. To reset your PIN: To change your PIN, dial *822#, select Pin Reset

    sterling bank transfer code

    How to recharge with *822# on Sterling Bank

    It is quite easy to recharge for yourself and for your family, or friends. To easily do that, you can follow any of the method below:

    *. To recharge your phone dial *822*AMOUNT# – Example: Dial *822*500# to recharge ₦500 on your phone

    *. To send airtime to a third party, dial *822*AMOUNT*PhoneNumber# – Example: Dial *822*500*08123456789# to recharge your friend’s phone with ₦500 airtime

    Other Important Information

    *. Customers can purchase airtime, pay bills, make transfers to any bank account in Nigeria.

    *. The customer is required to create a transaction PIN for secure transactions.

    *. Default limit at registration is N20,000.

    *. Customers who wish to increase their limit can do so with their debit card, to a maximum of N100,000 per transaction.

    *. An additional PIN is required to transact with higher limits (Above N20,000 up to N100,000).

    There it is, Sterling bank transfer code is fast, easy, secure, reliable, and very convenient to use. With the Sterling bank code, you can complete all bank transactions in seconds.