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All internet Swift plans and prices – Swift customer care and outlets

    In this article, we will be reviewing all Swift plans that aren’t unlimited. The internet service provider is popularly known for its unlimited data plans, starting with the weekly, monthly, weekend, and WTTx plans.

    Swift plans offer capped data plans, and the setup, registration is simple. You have to find out if the coverage is around your location, there is Lagos, Abuja, and River state. The company promises to expand its coverage nationwide.

    Swift internet plans include Data Capped, Free Night Browsing, Evening Plans, Weekly Plans, Low Budget Plans, and Jumbo Plans. Fortunately, it is quite easy to subscribe to Swift plans – official website, application, Quickteller, Payarena, JumiaPay, Bank transfer, etc.

    The company is among the fastest internet service provided in the country, offering 13.76 Mbps download speed, 1.54 Mbps upload speed. However, you can’t share or transfer some data caps from your account to any other Swift account.

    Swift Data Capped

    All plans are available for 24hours:

    Plan NameData CapsValidityPrices
    Promo Swift Essential Mini20GB30 daysNGN6,000
    Swift Essential37GB30 daysNGN8,710
    Swift Professional45GB 30 daysNGN10,250
    Swift Club55GB 30 daysNGN12,300
    Swift Premium90GB 30 daysNGN17,930
    Swift plans

    Swift Free Night Browsing

    These plans are practically for those that love browsing at night. It is available for browsing 24hours, but offers free browsing at night, which does not include your data caps:

    Plans NamesData capsValidityPrices
    Swift merit10GB14 days with Free Browsing 1 am to 7 am dailyNGN5,000
    Swift Essential18GB30 days with Free browsing 12 midnight – 6 am (Everyday) – Roll Over AvailableNGN7,170
    Swift Essential Plus27GB30 days with Free browsing Mon-Saturday: 11 pm – 8 am; Weekends (11 pm Saturday-6pm Sunday) NGN12,000
    Swift Club Plus40GB 30 days with Free browsing Mon-Saturday: 11 pm – 8 am; Weekends (11 pm Saturday-6pm Sunday) NGN 12,790.00
    Swift Premium Plus60GB30 days with Free browsing Mon-Saturday: 11 pm – 8 am; Weekends (11 pm Saturday-6pm Sunday) NGN18,940
    Swift Elite Plus Special100GB30 days with Free browsing Mon-Saturday: 11 pm – 8 am; Weekends (11 pm Saturday-6pm Sunday) NGN27,640
    Swift POWERS ALL 380GB 30 days with Free browsing: 11 pm – 8 am; including WeekendsNGN28,670

    From Swift Essential Plus to Elite Plus Special: It offers Free browsing Mon-Saturday: 11 pm – 8 am; Weekends (11 pm Saturday-6pm Sunday). While the Swift POWERS ALL 3 costs more, smaller data caps but offers Free browsing all weekends from 11 pm – 8 am.

    Swift Evening Plans

    Plans NamesData CapsValidityPrices
    Swift Night14GB30 days (6 pm-8 am daily)NGN4,100
    Swift Family40GB30 days (6 pm-8 am during Night and 24 hours (weekend and public holidays)NGN7,170
    Swift Family Plus68GB30 days (5 pm-9 am during the week and 24 hours (weekend and public holidays)NGN11,270

    Swift Weekly Plans

    These plans are available for 24hours, 7days and the prices are quite confusing, before subscribing, you have to contact the Swift customer care line:

    Plans NamesData CapsValidityPrices
    Promo Swift Budget1GB7 daysNGN520
    SWIFT Value Special2GB7 daysNGN1020
    Swift Value1.5GB7 days NGN1020
    Swift Basic Weekly7GB7 days NGN1,530
    SWIFT Value Plus1GB7 daysNGN2,040

    Swift Low Budget Plans

    Plans NamesData CapsValidityPrices
    Promo Swift Budget1GB7 days (24 hours)NGN520
    Swift Liberty2GB30 days (24hours)NGN1,025
    Swift Liberty Plus2.5GB30 days (24hours)NGN1,230
    Swift Basic Weekly7GB7 days (24hours)NGN1,530
    Swift Basic Mini4GB30 days (24 hours)NGN1,530
    PROMO Swift Budget Plus3GB30 days (24 hours) NGN2,040
    Swift Basic6GB30 days (24 hours) NGN2,050
    Swift Classic8GB30 days (24 hours) NGN2,550
    Swift Unlimited WhatsApp12GB 30 days (24 hours) Unlimited and FREE Whatsapp accessNGN3,580
    Swift Economy12GB 30 days (24 hours)NGN4,000
    Swift Merit10GB 14 days (24hours) Free Browsing 1 am to 7 am dailyNGN5,000

    Swift Jumbo Plans

    Plans NamesData CapsValidityPrices
    Swift Premium90GB30 days (24 hours)NGN17,930
    Swift Elite100GB30 days (24 hours)NGN22,520
    Swift Elite Plus125GB30 days (24 hours)NGN27,130
    Swift Elite Pro150GB30 days (24 hours)NGN30,710

    Please understand that at any uncertain time, these prices are subject to change according to the company’s policy. On that note, we will do our possible best to follow up with the new prices.

    Swift router

    Swift services

    Swift offers a service that allows its website to choose the best Swift plans for its customer, following your answers to certain questions. To get started on that, visit > Hover to ‘Buy Now’ > click Online store.

    Swift Quick Recharge: The company also offers an option that allows you to quickly recharge using your customer ID. Visit the official website > on the top right, click on Quick Recharge > Enter your Customer ID / Email > Proceed.

    Swift Retail Outlets: In order to check out the list of Swift outlets in Lagos, go to Swift’s website. This list does not contain other outlets in Abuja and River state. In Port Harcourt, Swift retail outlet is around Shell RA, Rumukurushi, close to Ntel and Spectranet outlet too.

    How to check Swift data balance: There is no USSD code, you will have to visit and log in using your Customer ID/email and password to check your Swift data balance and other necessary details.

    Swift devices: The company does not only offer service, but Swift also offers SWIFT LTE Outdoor Modem, which costs NGN71,670 Plus with 37GB free, and SWIFT Single Band Modem for NGN25,000 with 37GB free, which can connect up to 30 devices. There are others known as Enterprise Devices.

    Swift devices

    Swift Smart Business Solution

    For those small, medium businesses and entrepreneurs out there, Swift is offering three impressive deals for you:

    SWIFT SMART Business SILVER: This offers a 24×7 plan and is preferable for small businesses and entrepreneurs. This plan gives you 75GB (Data Allowed) for NGN19,350. It offers internet access, business software, customized email, web hosting service, and highly affordable VoIP.

    SWIFT SMART Business GOLD PLUS: This plan is preferable for small, and medium businesses. It offers 185GB (Data Allowed) for NGN36,860 and offers mail/web hosting, highly affordable VoIP, and business software licenses.

    SWIFT SMART Business PLATINUM PLUS: For NGN62,960, you will get 350GB (Data Allowed) for small, medium businesses and entrepreneurs. It offers internet, VoIP, email/web hosting, and an excellent mix of business software.

    how to subscribe to Swift unlimited data plans

    How to subscribe to Swift plans

    If you are interested in any of the Swift plans, you are expected to visit any of the company’s retail outlets and go for registration, where you will provide your necessary details, KYC information such as an identification government-issued card with full names and passport photograph and utility bill.

    There and then, will you be provided with data plans options. You will also be given User ID / Customer ID / Subscriber ID – a 1-6 digit number that identifies your internet account on the SWIFT Networks platform and is usually issued to customers at the point of a service purchase.

    To renew or activates your plans, here are the possible platforms to do that:

    • Swift official website
    • and enter your ID/payment details to complete the payment
    • and enter your ID/payment details to complete the payment
    • JumiaPay and enter your details to complete the payment
    • ATM: Select the Quickteller option > pay bills > enter the code 202101 to pay for SWIFT services.
    • GTB USSD code: dial *737*50*Amount*4#
    • Mobile banking app
    Support customer care

    Swift Customer Care

    Fortunately, Swift offers one of the best customer care services out there. You can reach out to Swift customer care via social media, alongside provided phone numbers, emails, and others.

    *. Telephone: +234-1-710-10-10

    *. WhatsApp Number: 08077265522

    *. Email address: [email protected] and [email protected]

    *. Facebook and Instagram: @SWIFT.Networks

    *. Twitter: @swiftnetworkng

    *. Swift Head Office

     Location Address
    VICTORIA ISLAND31, Saka Tinubu Street, Victoria Island,
    Lagos, Nigeria

    Swift Branch Offices in Lagos

     Location Address Location Address
    OGBA12B, Odusami Street,
    Besides AY Hotels,
    Off WEMPCO Road,
    Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria
    IKEJAAlausa Shopping Mall
    Suite 6, Ground Floor,
    Block B LSPC Complex,
    Obafemi Awolowo Way,
    Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
    LEKKIScapula plaza
    KM 17, Lekki-Epe expressway,
    Igbo-Efon Bus Stop,
    Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria
    SURULEREKings Plaza,
    80, Adeniran Ogunsanya street,
    Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria

    The best possible way to reach out to them is either via WhatsApp or Social media while calling or emailing them should be around the next solution. If you have used Swift before, we would love some insights on their plans are and better or worse experiences via the comment box.