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Swift unlimited data plans and prices – How to use Swift Login

    There are better-unlimited data plans in Nigeria, but among others, Swift internet plans tend to be the best among many others. Swift unlimited data plans are relatively affordable but what is cheap, when the Swift coverage areas in Nigeria matters a lot?

    Is Swift really unlimited? Well, the company has a respectable response to that ‘We pride ourselves in providing the industry-leading truly unlimited downloads which are consistently available – We do not limit, restrict or throttle your broadband speed, irrespective of the data capacity you use’

    We are definitely in an era, where unlimited data plans are the new normal. These internet data plans are meant for passive, proactive individuals, small and large businesses, and companies to control their internet affairs. This is where Swift internet comes in.

    Don’t worry, Swift, similar to other companies also offer capped data plans for small business, and unlimited for bigger cooperation. The Swift plans tend to feed the needs of every old and new customer, offering Data capped, unlimited plans, free night browsing, evening plans, and many others.

    Well, there are other influential internet service providers competitors in the Nigerian market, such as Smile, Spectranet, Ntel, Tizeti, Airtel, and many others. But what is the use of an unlimited data plan, when actually you really have to check the Swift coverage areas in Nigeria?

    Swift unlimited data plan

    Swift coverage areas in Nigeria

    Swift coverage areas in Nigeria are only limited to three states – Abuja, River State, and Lagos Island. To quickly check if Swift coverage is around your area, you’ll have to reach out to them.

    You can either contact them via their Facebook account, via [email protected], or via their WhatsApp 08077265522. For those living in Lagos, Abuja, River State, you are fortunate that Swift network coverage is active around the island.

    Swift said “We are, currently, only in Lagos State. … It is available in Lagos State, and is provided based on sufficient demand… The company plans to continue to upgrade and expand its 4G LTE coverage in Lagos, the Federal Capital Territory, and Rivers State where it already has spectra in the 3.5GHz and now 2.3GHz frequencies.”

    Swift is fast at using 13.76 Mbps download speed, 1.54 Mbps upload speed.

    While Smile can boasts of massive network coverage, “Our coverage continues to expand rapidly with our SuperFast 4G LTE internet available in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Abuja, Benin City, Kaduna, Onitsha, and Asaba.” However, the company plans to expand more than that. There you have it.

    Swift unlimited data plans

    While others may come through under this category, the two major unlimited data plans from Swift are the Weekly and Monthly plans that go for NGN6,500 and NGN25,000 respectively.

    NameData CapsPriceValidity
    SWIFT Unlimited WeeklyUnlimited (24hours)
    7 days
    SWIFT Unlimited SupremeUnlimited (24hours)NGN25,00030 days
    Swift Weekend UNLIMITED Plans
    Swift Essential Weekend37GB (24hours with Free and Unlimited Browsing EVERY SUNDAY)NGN9,21030 days
    Swift Club Weekend55GB (24hours with Free and Unlimited Browsing EVERY SATURDAY and SUNDAY)NGN13,30030 days

    The weekend unlimited plans aren’t exactly unlimited, but you get either 37GB and 55GB to browse with for 24hours from Monday to Saturday, with a validity period of 30days, and it also offers Free and Unlimited Browsing EVERY SUNDAY. Sundays get to be your cheat day!

    Swift WTTX Plans

    Swift WTTX Plans

    Wttx Unlimited_5MbpsUnlimited (24hours)NGN19,46030 days
    Wttx Unlimited_6MbpsUnlimited (24hours)NGN25,60030 days
    Wttx Unlimited_10MbpsUnlimited (24hours)NGN28,670.0030 days
    Wttx Unlimited_15MbpsUnlimited (24hours)NGN32,00030 days
    Wttx Unlimited_25MbpsUnlimited (24hours)NGN44,02030 days

    On the other hand, there is the WTTx plan, which allows you to enjoy unlimited plans for different price ranges, each level just allows you to boost your network signal, and there is a Fair Usage Policy.

    WTTx plan is a 4G-based broadband Wireless (WTTx) or Optical Fibre (FTTx) for Homes and Estates. If you are interested, you should understand that the setup cost is N40,000, and they will send their engineers to your house to fix a pole that receives signals from a mast.

    Every Swift Networks WTTx subscriber has a unique number for installation, complaints and it allows them to identify you as a WTTx customer. Unless, if Swift stores/engineers are close by, this plan isn’t all it seems. Network failure might arise, but engineers are nowhere to be found.

    You can pay NGN250,000 for the WTTx plan, unlimited (24 hours) for a period of one year, and there is no FUP. On the other hand, there is the Ntel 1 year plan for NGN195,000, cheaper and it is mobile on either MiFi or router. However, “A Fair Use Policy (FUP) of 1.8TB applies to this plan, after that, you get the speed of 512kbps”

    However, if you are interested, here are the details to reach out to them for the WTTx plan – 234-1-710-1010, 08167002398, or e-mail [email protected]. You can visit Swift WTTx plan online page for more information.

    how to subscribe to Swift unlimited data plans

    How to subscribe to Swift unlimited data plans

    Fortunately, the company has added a lot of options to either activate a new or renew your Swift unlimited data plans, such as the cashless option. There are online methods, applications, USSD support, and many others.

    Swift Website

    • Go to
    • Click ‘Quick Recharge’
    • Enter your customer ID Number and click ‘Proceed’
    • Click ‘Renew’
    • Under the “Account Renewal” page, and select your desired payment partner (VISA, Mastercard etc); Select the Payment Period (1 Month, 2 Months etc); Accept terms and condition and click “Next”
    • Review the selected options and click “Process Payment”
    • Enter your Card details to complete the transaction successfully. payment notification will be displayed

    Bank Transfers: From this method, you can use bank transfers too, under the ‘account renewal’ select “TRANSFER” Option > transfer to the ONE-TIME Zenith bank account generated by Paystack and Click “I have sent the money” You will receive a “Payment Successful” message.


    • GTB users dial *737*50*Amount*4#
    • Enter your subscriber ID and send
    • Enter your 737 PIN or the last 4 digits of your GTBank Naira MasterCard to authenticate the transaction successfully.

    This is for those using Guarantee Trust Bank Plc.

    Jumia Pay

    • Login in using your email address and password
    • Select Swift from Internet within the list of services
    • Enter your customer ID and the amount you wish to top-up
    • Complete the payment with your debit card or your bank account

    JumiaPay promises to never charge a convenience fee or service charge of N100, but there are only offering support for Smile and Spectranet currently.


    • Go to
    • Enter your personal details: number/email and customer ID
    • Enter amount and click continue
    • Continue by entering your payment details and click on PAY

    Swift app

    • Download the app from either Google and iTunes
    • Go to “Account Renewal”
    • Select “Paystack” and Payment period in months
    • Now accept terms and conditions
    • Click “Next” and “Yes” to continue
    • Select your preferred payment method from the ” Paystack check out”
    • Enter required details as displayed on the screen and complete payment


    • Go to or
    • Go to Telecoms > Swift > Internet Subscriptio
    • Enter the amount, Userid, email address and referrer email, and click on proceed
    • Review the Selected options on the Preview page and click “Proceed” Payment attracts N107.50 surcharge Enter your card details to complete transaction

    Mobile Banking App

    • Launch your mobile banking App
    • Select the “Pay Bills” or “Bills Payment” Option
    • Under “Bill Categories” select “Airtime and Data Purchase” or “Internet Services”
    • Select “SWIFT 4G Subscription”
    • Enter the details such as customer ID, amount, and click “Continue”
    • Enter your 4 digit Pin; Click “Continue”
    • Once payment is successful, Continue enjoying the SWIFT Service

    ATM There is the option for Automated Teller Machine (ATM) payment service, just visit the nearest ATM point, select the Quickteller option > pay bills > enter the code 202101 to pay for SWIFT services.

    Whenever you made a payment to activate or renew your Swift plans, be aware that your SWIFT account will be updated automatically and a confirmation SMS sent to your mobile number registered with SWIFT Networks.

    How to use Swift Login

    To easily log in to your Swift network to access your account: kindly visit or and enter your details such as Email or User ID and Password. You can also log in with Facebook, only if you used it for registration. There is an option to reset your password when you forget it.

    If you are having trouble, note that your User ID / Customer ID / Subscriber ID is a 1-6 digit number that identifies your internet account on the SWIFT Networks platform and is usually issued to customers at the point of a service purchase.

    The customer ID also serves as your username when logging into your self-care account. These details are provided when you are registering as a customer on the network.

    While the password for initial account activation will only be sent to the registered mobile phone of each customer. For registration, the KYC requirements are one of Government-issued identification with full names and passport photograph and utility bill.

    Swift unlimited data plans

    How to login to SWIFT 4G Mifi wireless

    Firstly, The default password to your SWIFT 4G LTE hub Wireless / WiFi is located just under it and usually written in front of the Wi-Fi Key (WPA/WPA2).

    • Connect to the SWIFT Wi-Fi
    • Once connected, launch your browser
    • Open http://homerouter.cpe/, or
    • Login using your default credentials
      • Default username: user/admin
      • Default password: user/admin

    It is by choice, but you should change those login details because everyone knows that user or admin is the default username and password for all MiFi or router devices out there. To change it, follow the below steps.

    Assuming you’ve logged in:

    Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Basic Settings
    Under Wi-Fi Basic Settings, you can change your SSID, Hide SSID broadcast, Wi-Fi password, and other settings
    Click Submit when you’re done

    In another case, you can easily reset the password to the default. To do this, just press the reset button on the Swift HUB device. While those using the Mifi devices can reset by installing the free Swift wifi app (by Huawei)  for easy management of connected users.

    About Swift

    Here is just a summary of who Swift is. Firstly, there are among the top internet service provider in the country, by covering the major cities such as Lagos, Abuja, and River state. While they are many other states, the company is looking forward to widening its coverage to other states.

    You can learn more about them from their official website. Swift Networks Limited is a facilities-based telecommunications services provider. The company was founded in 2002 when it bided and obtained a Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) License from Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to provide multi-service broadband connectivity services to businesses and residential subscribers