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Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G features, pricing, and specifications – Cheapest foldable phone

    This is the Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G, and it is official! Say hello to Tecno’s first shot at the foldable device market trend, which epitomizes awesomeness. The company speaks highly of its foldable phone, today, we’re going to check out what made it stand out from others.

    We’ve seen numerous foldable phones from various companies such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Microsoft, and Huawei. Among these, Samsung tends to stand out tall in the race of the best foldable phones, but Xiaomi and others came pretty close with staggering beauty.

    The Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G is not just the company’s first shot at the foldable phones market, but also the cheapest right now. You know what, the Phantom V Fold 5G is the cheapest foldable smartphone right now in the market.

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    TECNO Phantom V Fold 5G

    Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G Specs

    • MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ processor
    • Android 13 OS
    • 12GB LPDDR5X RAM
    • 256GB / 512GB UFS 3.1 storage
    • 7.65-inch foldable display and 6.42-inch outer display
    • Front-cameras: 32MP (outer) / 16MP (inner) front cameras
    • Back-cameras: 50MP rear camera, 13MP ultra-120° wide camera, and 50MP 2x portrait telephoto camera
    • 5000mAh battery with 45W fast charging

    For starters, the Phantom V Fold 5G brings two significant displays, and unlike others with minimal screen for notifications or so, the V Fold 5G lacks an external screen, but the specifications and features are uniquely amusing and impressive.

    It is no longer news that foldable phones might have come to stay with us, but let’s not elude the facts that for a foldable phone to stand sustainably, it must consist of some form of power-bending mechanism. This is where we shoot from with the new Tecno foldable phone.

    While everything strips down to pricing, the Phantom V Fold is almost 900$ cheaper than most of its competitors out there where the hinges and curving mechanism might be tempered, alongside others, allowing the phone to be priced at an amusing -$1000 price mark.

    Design and Hinges

    Before we go straight, Tecno says it has high durability of over 200,000 folds. The company also mentioned that it arrives with a micro-curved secondary screen and the back makes it easy to hold. With easy hold, one can effortlessly operate the Phantom V Fold 5G.

    The company furthermore boasted that it packs a self-developed feature that keeps the rotation, sliding and other bending mechanisms in check. This is the aerospace-grade innovative drop-shaped hinge with exclusive fixed-axis rotate and slide technology.

    And more importantly, Tecno also mentioned that the new phone has a self-developed reverse snap structure that makes folding virtually seamless and crease-free. With this feature and confirmation, the Phantom V Fold 5G’s hinges will work seamlessly for a long period of time.

    At the first sight of Phantom V Fold 5G, you’ll feel welcomed by an accolade of hospitality greetings, which entails a lot of red-carpet design. You’ll definitely have mixed feelings, Yes! This is a foldable phone, from Tecno and it won’t break the bank to get one of it.


    When it comes to the design, the Phantom V Fold 5G packs intriguing designs and colors, there’s the pioneered black color, which is made up of skin-friendly classic leather, and the next is a white-crafted color with renewable organic silicone leather.

    We’ve meant with the Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G yet, but when you round your hands around the back, Tecno promises a welcoming touch and feel. For such a phone, the feeling won’t be of the same standard as others in the line.

    Phantom V Fold 5G


    The new foldable phone was introduced at the MWC 2023 which was held in Barcelona by the company’s General Manager, Jack Guo. It is quite obvious that one of the most astounding features of a foldable phone is the display, and the Phantom V Fold 5G did a great screen job.

    Even at both stages – foldable and unfolded, the Phantom V Fold 5G drives distinctive screen display features, there are dual LTPO AMOLED screens with 10-120Hz adaptive high refresh rate, delivering smooth motions and fluid transitions both when folded and unfolded.

    When fully unfolded, the Phantom V Fold 5G bags a wide 7.85″ 2K+ foldable screen with an 8:7 aspect ratio, boasting up to a 90% screen-to-body ratio, which is virtually crease-free. Allowing you to perform more tasks on an ultra-flat screen with a virtually invisible crease.

    When folded, there is a standing 6.42-inch 1080p secondary 120Hz adaptive screen with a 21:9 aspect ratio, and with 91% screen-to-body ratio. It also comes with a unique micro-curved design. Actually, the sub-screen dimensions are optimal for single-handed operation.


    It is practical to say the “V” in the Phantom V Fold 5G stands for “Five” and that stands for five (5) ultra lenses. Where the back panel holds three powerful camera sensors, and two (2) other lenses -one on the sub-screen and one on the main inner screen.

    Starting with the influential 50-megapixel Super Night main camera that features a super light-sensitive custom 1/1.3-inch sensor, large f/1.85 aperture, and 7P composition. Supported by a 13-megapixel ultra-wide camera and a 50-megapixels portrait / telephoto camera.

    Thanks to the efficacy of Artificial Intelligence, these cameras use highly AI-powered Super Night Portrait, Super Night Mode, and Super Night 4K Video, these reduce noise and capture crisp lines to make the night come alive in exquisite detail.

    Even the 50-megapixel telephoto lens with 2x optical and 20x digital zoom and a 13-megapixel ultra wide-angle lens isn’t left out of the game. There are front cameras, but you can as well take selfies using the powerful rear cameras through the main inner screen.

    Tecno mentioned that the selfie cameras bring more fun to photography with exciting image-making possibilities, including the outer 32-megapixel camera and an inner 16-megapixel camera on the inside. It has super night portrait, night mode, and super night 4K video features.

    Performance and Battery

    For starters, the Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G is the world’s first left-right foldable smartphone powered by MediaTek’s flagship Dimensity 9000+ processor. With up to 3.2GHz Octa Core, alongside Mali-G710 MC10 GPU for outstanding graphic control.

    With MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ processor running through the veins of the Phantom V Fold 5G, the foldable Smartphone drives unparalleled performance, and exceptional execution of commands, allowing efficient multitasking and seamless screen switching.

    The foldable handset is available in 12GB LPDDR5X RAM, either in 256GB / 512GB UFS 3.1 storage, and runs Android 13 with HiOS 13 Fold. Thank the HiOS Fold, there are many customizations, and immersive settings to make the Phantom V Fold 5G a real foldable device.

    It runs HiOS Fold with Split Screen, and Parallel Windows, drags and drops across screens, and is more optimized for a foldable screen. The company even said that over 2000 apps have been adapted for HiOS13 Fold.

    However, Foldable customizations have been made to the top 1,000 apps with the highest download frequency globally, of which 90% have been adapted to support split-screen and multi-window modes.

    TECNO Phantom V Fold 5G Pricing

    With an amusing accolade to its sheet, the Phantom V Fold 5G was awarded an incredible 1,023,478 benchmark score by one of the most professional benchmarking software/websites in China, AnTuTu, thanks to its powerful chip and charging capabilities.

    Concerning the performance, the company said “TECNO deepened its long-term collaboration with Industry giant MediaTek. The chipmaker developed a dual-5G processor with dual-SIM functionality customized for the PHANTOM V Fold’s large-screen design. “

    Tecno Phantom V Fold 5G packs a powerful 5000mAh battery, with support for rapid 45W charging capable of boosting the phone to 40% in just 15 minutes and fully charging in just 55 minutes. There’s 5G SA/NSA, an in-display fingerprint sensor, Dual 4G VoLTE, NFC, Wi-Fi 6, and USB Type-C audio.

    The TECNO Phantom V Fold 5G will be available in India in Q1 2023 in Black and White colors, starting at $979 for the 12GB/256GB model, which is for early birds, and after that, normal pricing starts at $1099 for the 12GB/256GB model and $1222 for the 12GB/512GB model.