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Is this for real? Telecom to stop whatsapp, skype & facebook call to boost revenue

    It is no longer news that the Economic Recession is hitting Nigerians with iron rod but looking at the situation right now, Telecom wants to do more than expected.

    We are all aware of the implication of this. If they should go ahead and stop this, then they would be no fast and smooth conversation with your friends and families within and outside. They are also aware that blocking of Whatsapp will also increase the international calls between Telecoms.

    Blocking of our internet social messaging application is something that may disturb the communication of the country. Everybody are using the Messaging application right now, including Business owners, Politician, bloggers even the Presidency and many other.

    Right now, telecom companies are complaining of revenue losses from international calls and are scared they “may lose between N20tn and N30tn, or so, by the end of 2018”, hence by blocking subscribers from accessing Skype and other Over-the-Top services like WhatsApp, they may be able to recover their losses.

    This isn’t a Joke! Why is that they always face the Masses communications in order to derived some money or revenue from it or whatsoever! Firstly:-

    a. They wanted to Impose some Tax on Calls, it didn’t work!
    b. MTN wanted to block Whatsapp, it didn’t work.
    c. They wanted to increase data bundle price, it didn’t work.
    d. And now, they are about Block Whatsapp, Skype, hope it still doesn’t work!

    We all pray that it still doesn’t Work! #Weallstandinsolidarity!