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The Best Gaming Gadgets for 2021


    Video Gaming has quickly become the world’s favorite home entertainment activity. Not only is gaming a fun way to destress after a long day at the office and connect with friends from around the globe online, but it’s also one of those few hobbies that can lead to real-life professional opportunities – provided you’ve got the skillset to back up your passion for gaming.  

    As any diehard gamer knows, the right gadgets and accessories can make or break the gaming experience; some even allow you to customize certain features to add even more enjoyment to being immersed in your favorite games. With the world of gaming accessories moving at such a fast pace, however, it can be tricky to stay on top of the latest must-have gadgets. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the must-have gaming gadgets for 2021.  

    Ben Q EL2870U High Res Monitor 

    Let’s face it, there are hardly any games released for consoles and PCs today that aren’t graphics-heavy. To really dive into gaming environments, you need a high res monitor to keep up with the latest gaming technology.  

    The EL2870U from BenQ is a 28-inch monitor built specifically with gamers in mind, so it doesn’t just deliver high-quality visuals, its 1ms response time seriously reduces lag. It also supports HDR for vibrant colors and comes with AMD’s FreeSync built-in to reduce screen tearing and other glitches.  

    The EL2870U also comes with a neat ambient light feature, which automatically adjusts the color temperature of the monitor to play at night.  

    Astro A50 Wireless Gaming Headset 

    Unless you’re lucky enough to have your own dedicated gaming room with surround sound, you’ll probably be on the lookout for a solid gaming headset to drown out distractions and enhance the audio component of gameplay.  

    The Astro A50 will be right up your street! Ideal for PC and console gamers alike, Astro’s latest Bluetooth headset comes complete with high-quality features like the ASTRO Base Station, Dolby surrounds sound and MixAmp technology.  

    Andaseat Jungle Gaming Chair 

    If you’re planning to play games for any length of time on a regular basis, you need to get up off the sofa and find yourself a supportive gaming chair. Long gaming sessions can lead to a sore and painful back if you don’t have the right chair.  

    Andaseat’s Jungle gaming chair has plenty of useful (and comfortable) ergonomic features including its high-back design, both a headset and lumbar pillow, and height-adjustable armrests. Make no mistake, this is no simple office chair – the rolling wheels are positioned just right so that you can find the perfect spot under your desk and stretch out when you need to.  


    Cool Gaming Extras  

    We all know that regular exercise is important, but when you’re halfway through a gripping gaming session the last thing you want to do is stop playing to go for a jog. Well, with the latest spate of gaming gadgets that are no longer a problem! As recommended by the pros over at PokerStars, the Cubi JR1 is an under-desk elliptical machine that will keep your legs moving and the blood pumping, even during a marathon sesh. 

    There’s nothing worse than hitting that crucial moment in a game when, all of a sudden, you lose your grip on your controller and lost the game. That’s why these Kontrolfree Alpha thumb grips are one to add to your gadget shopping list. They come in packs with a variety of different-sized grips, meaning you can use them on those tiny PS4 controller buttons as well as larger surface areas.  

    Ok, so it’s not absolutely necessary, but a backlight keyboard is tons of fun to use if you’re a PC gamer. The top-rated Razer Ornata Wired Keyboard is the best we’ve seen for a long time. It comes complete with a large and comfortable wrist rest and mid-height keys incorporating mecha-membrane, which makes them easier and softer to press. Each key is individually list and you can program the keyboard to display a rainbow of colors or one solid color.