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How to fix ‘this page isn’t eligible to have a username’ on Facebook

    Do you own a Facebook account? then a Facebook page? And you actually need a responsible username on your Facebook page, but you keep on receiving some errors.

    Today, on this article you will learn how to fix this Facebook problem, this page isn’t eligible to have a username. Most times, you just can’t add username to Facebook page, but here is a fix.

    Everyone needs a brands, even your normal and regular Facebook page needs a qualified username. After all, you can easily change that to something you actually love.

    But when your official Facebook page is actually giving you this frustrating error “this page isn’t eligible to have a username” then you just have to find a solution.

    Facebook page admin keeps on figuring the best way to fix this error, this page isn t eligible to have a username and it is just a Facebook problem that needs to be addressed.

    Why you need a Facebook page username

    One of the most importance reason of creating a Facebook page username, is to allows your Page to be easily tagged by other Facebook users.

    That means, when you add a username to your Facebook page, then Facebook will makes it easy for people to find your page via search and directly.

    Most time, the reason why we receive this error message ‘you’re not eligible to create a username’ might due to the fact that the username has already been taken by someone else.

    They are bunch of things that need to be thought out, these series are what makes a page eligible to have a username. As we all know, the maximum length of a Facebook username is currently 50 characters. This is to the people who are curiously asking how long can a Facebook username be.


    How to create a Facebook @username

    This below short article has to do with users creating their Facebook business usernames, and not the personal Facebook usernames, which has to do with the variation of your name.

    You can create / change your own Facebook username or set your Facebook username by following the below procedures:
    *. Click at the top right of any Facebook page and select Settings.
    *. Click Username.
    *. Enter your new username and your password, then click Save Changes.

    But to create / change your own Facebook business page username is totally different. You must be the admin to complete this procedure. To do that, then follow this below steps:

    1. Click About on the left side of your Page.

    2. Click Edit next to your current Page username.

    3. Enter a new username.

    4. If the username is available and follows the guidelines for custom usernames, click Create Username.

    According to Facebook “Your Page’s username will appear below your Page’s name and in your Page’s URL to help people find and remember your Page. An example of a username could be @JaspersMarket if the Page name is Jasper’s Market.”

    You may not be able to immediately create a username for a new Page if you’ve recently created several new Pages. A Page’s username can also be removed because of inactivity.

    Also understand that you must meet with Facebook terms to create a portable and custom username for with your profile or for your business page.

    Reasons for the frustrating notification

    The below list contains the reason, why your Facebook business page wasn’t given preferences of modification of username:

    1. Your Facebook Page is new

    2. Your Facebook page does not have at least 25 page likes.

    3. You are not an Admin on the page your trying to create a username for.

    4. Someone has that username.

    How to fix this Facebook problem

    *. Log on to your Facebook page

    *. At the top of the page “Click on Settings”

    *. By the left bar, tap on “Page Roles”

    *. Now “Assign a New Page Role” and add someone as an Admin to the Facebook page temporarily

    *. Then use their account to create and manage the Facebook username.

    This works like magic. It is important to use the ones who don’t admini any other Facebook pages. Use your friends, family members but they should not admin any other Facebook page. Every page has a unique @username so it can easily be tagged by other Facebook users.

    this page isn’t available to have a username
    Image Source: Youtube

    Fix This page isn’t available to have a username

    If you’ve read thoroughly above, then you will understand more about Facebook’s errors, or problem called “this page isn’t available to have a username”

    Below contains the details on how establish a pure solution to this problem or error. If you are ready, then lets get started.

    As always, here is the error message you will always receive:

    Username Isn’t Available

    This Page isn’t eligible to have a username.

    Another issue with creating a username for Facebook business page is: This page does not qualify to have a username ERROR! Now lets fix this two issue as one.

    Facebook page likes

    I recently created a new Facebook page, and I was able to provide a username quickly even with 0 username. And I actually found it awesome and amazing.

    But if you are actually receiving this notification, then you need to get 25+ likes. With this likes, you can easily set a page username under edit page -> update info -> username. Start looking for likes, you can advertise.

    Facebook page must be branded

    As always, there two different images for a Facebook business or personal page, there is the profile image and there is the Cover image / pictures.

    Now you have to add those images, descriptions, that is called branding. Just complete those little touches on your new Facebook and poof, you can change the username easily.

    There are bunch of other tutorials which are not useful, and considered useless. To bring a solution to this Facebook problem or error, then you really don’t need those long tutorials and steps.

    With the above explanation, and long talking, you can now understand more about creating a Facebook page username for your business page.

    Are you with the above tutorials, processes, procedures? then you can easily share this article with your friends online using the below share buttons, which includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.