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Tiktok, a short-video sharing service crossed 2 billion downloads globally

    The ByteDance company that owns the Chinese video-sharing social networking service, TikTok has reported crossed 2 billion downloads globally, across iOS and Android devices.

    Well, TikTok was absolutely doing fine, until major content creators from Youtube and others joined the app, bringing thousands to millions of their fans on board.

    It is safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic virus gives way to this drastic increase. This popular short-video sharing service, TikTok crossed 1.5 Billion downloads, 5 months ago.

    The pandemic has increased companies, users, downloads, especially video conferencing videos. Youtube just started Shorts, a TikTok rival, and more companies are entering the short-video market.

    The statistics state that India has the most downloads, where India has 611 million lifetime downloads, China with 196.6 million downloads to date, and the United States of America with 165 million downloads to date, pushing them to the 3rd position.

    tiktok crosses 2billion downloads

    The report is coming from Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, where the company also revealed that people have installed the TikTok app more than 315 Million times during Q1 2020 alone.

    Including combined downloads in the App Store and Google Play Store, where the statistics for outside downloads from either of these stores, 3rd party stores aren’t among.

    TikTok has profited a lot, where Great Britain has generated $9 million in revenue, US generated $86.5 million, and China has generated $331 million.

    Well, TikTok isn’t the only company to experience a huge increase in users under coronavirus-related lockdown. TikTok has become the go-to launchpad for memes and internet culture since it was launched by the China-based company ByteDance in September 2017.

    When TikTok debuted in the US less than a year later, it became the next best thing for creators since Vine, the video-sharing Twitter shut down in 2016.