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5 tips to Consider When Buying Smartphone in 2018

    Here, we are in 2018 but there is something one needs to know concerning the ideas of buying smartphone. One doesn’t just go out there and buy or order a phone without noticing the following.

    Your choice will depend largely on what you need to do with the mobile device and where you’ll be using it. Answering these simple questions can help you decide which kind of device will meet your mobile work needs.

    what you must consider before buying smartphone

    Last year, we got so many types of question from our users concerning the systematic of smartphone. Many of them complains that the system of their phone is not authentic, hence, they are being disturb by their specifications.

    What You Must Consider When Buying Smartphone in 2017

    *. Always check the battery life (>2000 mAh)
    *. Check the processor and download speed (> 1.3Ghz)
    *. Check the RAM to ensure it can open different apps at same time without slowing down (>1GB RAM)
    *. Check the camera for quality image output (>5MP)
    *. Check the internal storage so you can be sure of getting enough space for your apps, music, videos and personal document (>5GB).

    Where to Buy Smartphone In Nigeria


    After you have successfully read the above guidelines to take when you wants to buy any smartphone of your choice then below are top Best 2016 Android Smartphone in Nigeria under N20,000!

    Please it is really advisable to note the above tips when you want to order your smartphone online and offline. Should you buy a new smartphone this year? That depends on what it can do better than the one in your pocket now.